Curves for the Girls: 6 Fashion Affirmations Our Favorite Curvaceous Style Stars Have Given Us

Despite the public outcry for diversity across the fashion industry, the exclusion of human body types that expand beyond society’s unrealistic beauty standards continues to be an unflattering  trend.  A qualm most recently witnessed amongst the buzz of New York Fashion Week, prompting Cosmopolitan Magazine to publish an article titled “Where have all the plus size models gone?”, directly calling attention to the lack of body representation on the runaways. An observation even more disturbing being that casting curvy models seemed to be the marketing ploy of choice just a season prior. 

The unfortunate irony of full figured women being left out of the conversation and ultimately culture of high fashion is that the desire for curvaceous-ness has historically been the inspiration behind feminine fashion. The curvy silhouette was the prototype for designers, finding ways to create the illusion of shape for the women who wore them.

This truth is all the more reason for us to amplify our favorite voluptuous women in the style space. As the industry would be lackluster at best without their distinct contributions.

So, here are 6 style lessons we’ve learned from our favorite curvaceous style stars that you can apply when dressing from day to day!

Legs, Hips, & BODY

One thing we love about pop music icon in the making, Lizzo, is her unapologetic sense of style! Many curvy Women tend to limit their fun with fashion in fear of being chastised for wearing styles that don’t “flatter the body”. Time and time again Lizzo has challenged this narrative by not only giving us style but SKIN. Lizzo has encouraged us to normalize seeing parts of the human body and celebrating how they may appear no matter shape or size. From a styling perspective, this is a key lesson in dressing as wearing clothing that’s oversized and/or covers the entire body can result in the absence of shape rather than slimness. So don’t be scared to show a little arm or leg to balance your overall look.

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Corsets Do the Thing

Although an older trick in the fashion book, corsets remain a wardrobe staple. Making its debut in the early 1500s, the corset was designed to help women achieve the appearance of a fuller bust and hips but drastically cinching the waist. Although the corseting practices of the past were known to pose dangerous health related risks, modern versions of the piece made of softer materials have made them easier and safer to wear, while still yielding similar results. The girls also have created more versatility in its purpose by evolving it from solely shapewear  to a stylistic choice.  Point in case,  Ashley Graham’s monochromatic street style look where she was paired a black and silver detailed corset over a black ankle length bodycon dress to further accentuate her already curvy physique. So whether worn underneath or  layered on top of your clothing to define your hourglass silhouette, the corset is a secret weapon for women of any size.

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Fit & Flow

Oftentimes, curvy women are told to either go ultra-sexy or ultra-conservative with their wardrobe selections but what if we could have the best of both worlds! Let us remind you the fit and flare technique does exactly that. By pairing a closer fitting top with a flowy shaped pant or skirt you can emphasize a curvy silhouette while also providing a subtle coverage in the center and hip areas (if you desire to). Danielle Brooks slayed this style choice for her 67th Emmys. Gorgeous in shades of yellow, blue and chartreuse-green, the halter bodice accentuating her waist and billowing dress made for a fun and flattering look on her beautifully shaped body.

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Be With the Splits

Queen Bey is known for her voluptuous figure and fierce approach in fashion. Using her shape to guide her stylistic choices over the years, Beyonce has given us some of the best curvy girl fashion inspiration to date. One style move we’ve seen her make on numerous occasions is her signature thigh showing slit. Whether dramatic or subtle, the slits allow for a touch of sex appeal to intertwine with the class and elegance that comes with wearing a beautiful gown. A perfect example being Beyoncé’s Lion King London premiere look with the split reaching all the way up to her hip. But what could be presumed as risque, more so added sense of attitude and sensuality to the red carpet look. A simple slit can do the same for any curvy woman on the mission to make a stylish splash on the sly. 

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Tailored to the T

Speaking of Super Models, Precious Lee is undeniably the life the fashion industry desperately needed. Killing it all from magazine covers to couture runway, Precious is the proof that fashion is truly for all. One standout style tip we can take from her 2021 Met Gala look is the power of precise tailoring. Precious wore An oversized blazer dress by Area, a choice one may assume wouldn’t work for a plus size Woman. But this was far from the case as it was snatched to perfection, highlighting Precious’ shapely physique. When it comes to “proper looking” clothing, it’s not just about the outfit but the overall fit. Taking the time to have pieces tailored to the body can make a world of a difference when it comes to how we look and feel in the clothing we wear. So if you currently have a piece in your closet in which you love it’s look but not the fit, take it to a local tailor and have them alter it to look like it was made just for you.\

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Written by Fashion Writers, Dara Adams and Kennedi LéShea.

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