Everything Latoia Fitzgerald Taught Us About Bridal Fashion With Her Wedding Day Fashions

It seems like just yesterday that we saw fashion designer Latoia Fitzgerald get proposed to at the end of her runway show during New York Fashion Week. And now, we have watched her elegantly and fashionably transition from fiancée to wife over this past weekend.

But it wasn’t just her love story with NBA player Rajon Rondo that made the Internet break, it was her wedding fashions-the ones that led up to the big day and the ones for the actual occasion-that really set off her viral wedding moment.

Prior to her big day, we fell in love with Latoia’s style in front of and behind the sketch pad for its minimal, sexy and chic aesthetic. For Latoia, it seems that her style can be described as something of a “Classic New Age”; mixing iconic silhouettes and wardrobe essentials of “old” with new, fresh takes that give them sexy and chic updates to speak to the times. But unlike many brides, Latoia didn’t abandon her signature fashion POV to adhere to any traditional bridal fashion concepts. Instead, she applied her own, personal touch to her wedding fashions and upped the overall ante of her bridal fashion journey.

From her relaxed and playful bachelorette party look to her stunning wedding gown, Latoia Fitzgerald offered a lot for brides to glean from when it comes to approaching one’s bridal fashions. And we’ve gathered our top 5 lessons from the Lionné founder for you to keep in mind when crafting your wedding day wardrobe.

Images by @latoiafitzgerald_ on Instagram.

Bridal Fashion Can Be Done At Anytime

Leading up to her big day, we watched her hint at her newfound bridal hood by rocking a plethora of monochromatic white looks to celebrate.

And whether for actual wedding events, work life or everyday errands, she taught us that bridal fashion is not just reserved for the wedding day. You can make your big day work for you by embracing it as much as you can! By expanding your excitement to more days than just the actual wedding, you give space to let the fun of the wedding magic spread out! Fashion is arguably the easiest way to showcase your excitement. So, have fun with including sparks of your own bridal aesthetic into your everyday looks! Whether it’s serving monochromatic white on a regular Tuesday or going playful for your bridal shower look, let your bridal style reign supreme IN REAL LIFE!

Images by @latoiafitzgerald_ on Instagram.

Monochromatic Looks Always Work

Monochromatic white looks are normally reserved for a bride’s big day, but what about the days leading up to it? Monochromatic outfits are not only easy to style and put together thanks to their one color nature, but they’re also always good in lasting the test of time. Due to their simplicity, they make for a timeless look that is seamless to look at and fun to play with. Latoia did a plethora of monochromatic white looks for her wedding day wardrobe and we were here for them all!

Images by Mike Colon Photography.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Being Classy & Sexy

Yes, you read that correctly. Oftentimes in bridal fashion, brides tend to be told that they must choose a lane to go in and stay there; sexy or classy. Bohemian or Ultra-Glam. Princess or Modern. But Latoia served as a poignant reminder that you do not have to choose. For Latoia’s stunning wedding gown, we got both sexy and classic vibes from the look. The custom Dolce & Gabbana dress featured a see-through lace intricately crafted and snug to her body. The lace fabric and beautiful sleeves brought a sense of classic bridal aesthetic we all know and love while its plunging sweetheart neckline, cinched waist and short, peek-a-boo skirt underneath brought a sense of new age sexiness, proving that brides don’t have to choose between an aesthetic.

Images by Mike Colon Photography.

Your Beauty Choices Matter Most

Don’t underestimate the power of good (or bad) glam! Through your hair and makeup choices, you set the tone for your look(s). So, whether you go extravagant with your hair and makeup or go the simple route, know that they have the power to accentuate or ruin your look. In Latoia’s case, she chose simple and minimal wit her hair, rocking a middle part, slicked back bun for most of her wedding looks with a blushed and glowing glam for her makeup. These choices absolutely added to her fashions without ever once taking away from her looks-both the minimal and extravagant ones.

Images by Mike Colon Photography.

Sometimes, Going Minimal Works Best

It’s not always the over-exaggerated, over-accessorized looks that work best in bridal. Sometimes, it’s the minimal and or minimally styled looks that work best. Latoia proved this notion true throughout her wedding week. For the Rondo’s welcome dinner and Latoia’s first wedding dress try on looks for instance, the designer went the minimal route. By finding pieces with depth in design, she was able to go simple and chic. To find depth in pieces you love to craft the perfect minimal look, look for notes of complexity in the garments. Whether it’s a feathered accent to an earring or pleating in a cocktail hour dress, finding hints of complexity add depth to a minimal look, ultimately adding character to its chic simplicity.

Written by Kennedi LéShea.

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