Water: The Miracle “Drug” –

“I’m going to wear braids the last six months before my wedding, I’m trying to give my hair a break and let it grow out.”

“My nails are a mess, I need them to do something different before my wedding!”

“These last ten pounds just won’t come off! I think I’m going to try the master cleanse.”

“I have facials scheduled every Saturday morning the last month leading up to the wedding.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Are you losing sleep worrying about the state of your hair and skin? Have you tried every new and improved nail cream in the store and fad diet off the Internet?

The solution to all of these issues is simple; so simple that most neglect to recognize it on a daily basis. Ask yourself, “Am I drinking enough water?” According to a study conducted by the CDC, only 22% of Americans are drinking the recommended eight glasses or more a day. So what is happening to everyone else? They’re dehydrated and they don’t even know it, because everyone’s symptoms are different. Those not drinking enough water could be losing sleep at night, noticing low energy, joint pain, heartburn or…wait for it…brittle hair and nails, skin blemishes, or trouble shedding pounds. If a plant can’t grow without water, what makes people think their hair is going to grow like weeds with just the application of special oils and creams? It’s not.

Water is one of the most important elements we need to put into our bodies, second only to oxygen. It might be hard to imagine, because we imagine the blood in our bodies as the lubricant we need, but in actuality water is what lubricates our joints and organs, transfers nutrients throughout the body, and helps our bodies eliminate waste and toxins. Without the water our bodies need daily, the body doesn’t function properly, resulting in numerous dis-eases and ailments.

Bride’s awareness of their appearance is heightened in the months leading up to their nuptials; and why shouldn’t it be, pictures last forever and on that one day EVERYONE will have a camera in her face. However, if you’re changing your routine before the wedding, might as well keep the glow after the wedding.

Confused about how much water you should be drinking every day? Generally speaking, the recommendation is eight glasses of water daily. However, the more popular answer among alternative health professionals is divide your weight by two and drink that number in ounces a day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be consuming 75 ounces of water a day. You’re probably imagining yourself running back and forth to the kitchen for a single glass of water and taking far too many annoying trips to the restroom. Take a trip down the kitchen container aisle in most stores and pick up a water bottle that you can carry with you (I personally have a water jug with a handle and flip straw that I fill up every morning, it’s the exact amount of water I need in a day. If the day ends and I see water in the container, I know it was an off day). After your body recognizes it is getting the amount of water it needs daily, for an extended amount of time, the frequent trips to the bathroom will even out. In the beginning, what you deem as annoying pesky visits to the porcelain throne is most likely your body utilizing the water to make the much needed and overdue eliminations of waste and toxins. Once there are fewer toxins in the body, there will be no need to feel like a bathroom has to always be close by.

Lareece Long, founder of Life Within and a wellness practitioner and consultant says, “The body is 80-90% water. Period. Visualize the fluids in the body like a stream, a river that is always flowing. If the water is stagnant in the body, like a pond, the cells are then surrounded by dirty water. If you are not constantly giving your body fresh clean water, then the dirty water circulates. The waste will find other outlets, like on your face. And nutrients will be pulled from other places, like your hair and nails, causing them to become brittle and thin. It’s by design that we drink water; water in and water out.”

There is nothing wrong with getting braids to give your hair a break, just be sure to do your part on the inside as well. Facials are great, for an external cleanse. Help the esthetician out by cleansing on the inside. Fad diets and Internet cleanses CAN be good for losing a few pounds here and there, but they can also be harmful to the body if one is not careful (the best cleanses to try is a topic within itself, and will be covered at a later date). Eating right, drinking the proper amount of water, and exercising is best (for the wedding and beyond). The water will help the body eliminate waste, which can result in weight loss and inches off the waistline.

Everything in the body is connected and dependent on everyone doing their job; without water, no one can function properly. Help the body out and send in reinforcements; water. It’s a simple solution to living a healthier life…and a true glow on your wedding day!

  How do you make sure you get the right amount of water every day?

What differences do you notice when your body is asking for water?

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