Road To Mrs. with Bride-to-Be Symone Redwine

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We are excited to announce our newest featured bride in our “Road to Mrs.” series, where one bride gives us the behind-the-scenes view of her wedding planning journey. Attorney Symone Redwine, Esq. was a cast member on OWN’s hit reality dating show, Ready to Love. She is also the host of the podcast shows, Girl, Is That Legal? and Ages and Stages.

Read more about how Symone and her fiancé Rashid met and their different approach to planning for their summer wedding. 

Bride-to-Be:  Symone Redwine, Esq., 38, Injury Attorney

Groom-to-Be: Rashid Floyd, 45, Luxury Car Broker

Place of Residence: Houston, TX

Wedding Date: August 2023

Wedding Location: (Venue pending) Houston, TX

Honeymoon Destination: Thailand and Bali

How They Met:

“At the beginning of 2020, I realized I needed to make a major change in my dating life if I was going to find my husband.  So on a complete whim, I packed up everything from my hometown of Dallas, Texas and took my talents to Houston.  I went from owning my own condo to moving in with my friend and her two kids, determined to find love.  

In my attempt to date more strategically and intentionally, I decided that I had to start doing things differently. In the past, I’d always allowed men to pick me. Typically men would meet me and decide within the first 30 days that I was their girlfriend. I’d end up in surprise relationships I didn’t even know about until they’d invite me to a family reunion and introduce me to Granny as their girlfriend. Oftentimes, I felt men would try to rush me into a commitment before I could find their flaws.

This time, I was going to do the picking.  So, I applied for the reality dating show Ready to Love, where I met my fiancé Rashid.  We  began dating on this fast paced dating show, but it was important for me to continue dating him offline, so I could be sure of what he really wanted–was it me, or fame?

Rashid and I went on intentional dates.  I was very clear that I wanted to spend at least three months dating before we even considered monogamy.  I was also direct–”I want to know your flaws upfront,” because we all have them. I just wanted to be with someone I could grow with. For the first time, I was getting to choose and I didn’t feel rushed!

We started dating exclusively in August 2021 and have been in a committed relationship since January 2022. I’m so glad I stepped out on faith, trusted my intuition and prioritized dating in the same way I prioritize my clients and those who are important in my life.”


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Briefly tell us about your wedding planning experience and how both of you feel about it. Include your most memorable moment.

“Woo, chile!  So, the way my ADD is set up, I’m great with big pictures, overall concepts and strategies, but I’m horrible with details.  I was upfront with my fiancé from the beginning and told him I wanted him to plan the wedding.

He kicked and screamed and said that wasn’t a man’s place. I said I could do it, but if I planned the wedding it would be gorgeous and beautiful, but when we sat down to eat…there would be no cups, spoons, forks or knives.  Initially, he didn’t believe me, but as we started the planning process, chaos ensued. My loving fiancé came to me and said, “You are officially fired. I will take the lead.” 

Elated, I jumped up and down and hugged him!  As a compromise, I tried to make him his favorite meal (burnt it a bit–but he ate it anyway), and I promised to take the reins on planning the honeymoon, since travel is my thing.

As a couple I think it’s important to understand each other’s leadership styles and the way in which you each follow as well.  For example, wedding planning showed us that money management is not necessarily Rashid’s strength–that is not his gift.  It isn’t mine either, but we found that we’d have to work together as a team and hire help in order stay within budget.  This experience has also helped us create a system for managing finances that can work for us both going forward into our marriage.”

Symone Redwine Portrait Session at Studio 1306 on October 22, 2020

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I’m so honored to be Bride of the Year for Black Bride.  I am excited to share this amazing journey with you, from our televised engagement to marriage counseling, dress shopping, honeymoon planning and all the fun pre-wedding celebrations leading up to our big day!

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