About Black Bride

Black Bride is the first on and offline multi-cultural global company serving all brides of color in the $200 billion dollar international wedding and events industry. Serving brides of color since 1998, we cater to the quintessential bride and the growing multi-cultural wedding and events industry by connecting engaged couples to wedding and event professionals. Serving this niche market also allows us to showcase brides and grooms of color and their unique love stories, and elevate event professionals in the very best light. This service is what we are most passionate and proud of. 

Our mission is to celebrate, inspire and uplift women of color and their journey to love, marriage and even motherhood. This platform was designed to showcase positive imagery and embody the love that we seek to share, as we invite our readers to partake in the most precious and intimate moments of a woman’s life, marriage and motherhood. We honor all women of color, while celebrating cultural diversity, beauty, style, grace and regalness. Black Bride above all things is a celebration of love, and Black love stories. We are committed to being a resource to women of color as they embark on one of the most important days of their lives, and beyond. We are here for couples before and after the aisle.

The Brand Covers Four Imprints

Black Bride Digital Magazine realizes the future is now. As a bridal and lifestyle publication, that showcases real weddings, creative pioneers, and innovators in fashion, wedding décor, photography and beyond. Our pages provide an unbiased platform for imagination, vision and one’s true voice. We celebrate women of color and the adventurous, creative risk takers that bring a brides vision for a day to life. We seek to serve brides by presenting them creative options to assist them with planning one of the most important days of their lives. We spotlight the progressive throughout a diversity of mediums.

BlackBride.com features daily content that provides inspiration for weddings, engagements, lifestyle, fashion for before and after the aisle, breaking industry news, beauty, travel, news, relationship tips, entertainment, and interviews with industry leaders

Black Bride Events showcase a collective group of fine wedding vendors who come together to create a chic, and sophisticated bridal showcase in the heart of cities across the US. Brides and grooms-to-be are excited to mix, and mingle with leading industry experts to receive valuable knowledge, to help them plan their dream wedding. Brides in attendance are also able to enjoy a bridal fashion show with top wedding gown designers, and bridal salons in their perspective city and beyond.

Black Bride After the Aisle is for couples long after they say “I Do.” In addition to being the first online resource for brides of color for wedding planning since 1998, we are also the first site that provides a place where brides and grooms can come back to for love + life support and inspiration after they marry for years to come. Couples will find tips on finance, romance, health & fitness, interior design ideas, and more!

We are honored to be on this journey with you!

Photo Credit: Amy Anaiz Photography