4 Fun Ways to Show Your Love All Year Long

By: Shadé Mason

Each year, hundreds of articles give us ideas on the best ways to show love to our significant others… trust us, we checked.  Of course, there are fantastic suggestions out there, but most of them require extensive planning for the perfect execution. We decided to come up with a few simple but romantic ideas that you can create in less than 48 hours. We promise your spouse won’t realize these are last-minute ideas unless, of course, they read this article. Just remind them it’s the thought that matters.  

1. Roses are red; violets are blue, here’s a little letter that says I love you!

Who doesn’t love a “love letter” (apology love letters don’t count)? Think about it; it’s a romantic way to make your spouse feel special. Love letters are typically written during the courting or getting to know one another stage, but love letters in marriage are simply another way to keep the spark alive.  Especially if your lover’s love language is words of affirmation, it’s an excellent way to remind your hubby why you feel in love with him and why you love him as your husband.  Create a love letter that he can cherish as a keepsake for a lifetime. If you need a few ideas to get you started, writer Lia Miller has a great article on “How To Write A Love Letter: 60+ Ideas & Examples”. 

2. Mic Check 1-2

Does he have a favorite song? Take his favorite song and replace the lyrics with your own. Take the pressure off yourself by making it fun, and it can still be sexy and romantic. Hey, we say take it to the next level by performing the song before him. Grab the remote control as your microphone prop and go all the way in, Beyoncé who?? Trust us, it does not matter if you can’t sing, rap, or dance; he will appreciate the effort.  You can find the instrumental version for most songs by pulling it up on YouTube.

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3. Couponing For Lovers

You can always purchase love coupons online, but you can also personalize your version of coupons. All you need is paper and a pen (cardstock paper and colorful pens if you’re fancy) to create 5-10 coupons for your man that he can use at any given time. You can even have some coupons expire on a specific date.

Now be careful with what you come up with because the deal is he can literally use the coupon whenever he wants. In other words, if there’s a moment where you’re upset with him, and he still decides to use his “favorite homecooked meal” coupon, guess what, sis? Yup, in the kitchen you go. But we do, at a minimum, recommend a stipulation of some sort. Perhaps you can tell him he can’t use more than one coupon a day.  Here are a few coupon ideas:

*Cook his favorite meal

* Wear lingerie for the night

*2 hours of silence 

* Pass on doing the dishes

*Wear his favorite dress and high heels 

Remember to keep it fun and sexy; you can even combine the coupons and love letter!

4. An After Dark Dessert

Instead of “Paint & Sip,” we would like to call this idea “Dip & Paint.” There are only four items you need for this one: fresh strawberries, melted chocolate, a body paintbrush, and a random fun drawing. Disclaimer, this idea could get a little messy, but it’s well worth it.

Invite your lover to the kitchen or the location of your preference for a fun night of “Dip and Paint.” While the carefully selected music playlist penetrates through the speakers, you and your lover can work as a team to make tasty chocolate-covered strawberries. You can even turn it into a harmless competition by seeing whose strawberries turn out the best. After all the strawberries have been dipped, it’s now time to paint with the leftover melted chocolate.

Get those paintbrushes out and become each other’s canvas by trying to paint the drawing on each other’s bodies. Take photos of each other to see who had the best duplication of the drawing. Afterward, well, we’ll leave the rest up to you… ya’ll are grown and married now!