After The Aisle: The Benefits of Becoming a Kid Again

Image via Kanayo Adibe Photography

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the rigmarole of everyday life; this is true for married couples especially. We can get so caught up in the daily juggle of our busy work lives, bustling social expectations, and care taking responsibilities, that being a fully present husband or wife on top of it all seems appropriately daunting. Personally, my life is as hectic as can be. I’m a full-time mother, employee, and wife, and part-time writer (wink!). And to be brutally honest, it doesn’t take much for it all to feel painfully un-fun.

At some point, I realized the grave importance of carving out time for fun. I can remember sitting down for wine with a friend, and telling her that I truly don’t understand why we adults stopped doing all the fun things that brought us so much joy as children. Remember when life was carefree, fun, and our greatest worry was making it home before the street lights turned on? Remember? Well, this is an ode to the good ‘ole days. Here are a few ways that you can get your kidulting on, and likewise remain young at heart.

What is a kidult, you ask? Here’s some housekeeping for you:


[KID-uhlt, kuh-duhlt]


  1. An adult with an air of free-spiritedness; childlike in spirit. A person who knows how to have fun.


  1. Characteristic of an adult engaged in lighthearted behavior; to have a good, entertaining time.


3 Ways You Can Become a Kidult:


  1. Color!

Have you heard of adult coloring books? If not, push aside the rock that you’re under. Adult coloring books are in vogue nowadays, and for good reason: they allow kidults to relish in the nostalgic feelings of childhood, and non-artistic folks (like me) get to feel like they’re Picasso. The cherry on top is that it’s so relaxing. I have a few of these adult coloring books at home, and I can proudly proclaim that I LOVE THEM. Many days of the week I find myself counting down to 5 o’clock, just so that I can rush home to color. Yes, you read that correctly.

So where can you get yours? Practically every bookstore has them, and of course, they’re available online.

  1. Remix Your Date Night

My husband Omari and I are true kidults at heart. We love everything from comic books to Harry Potter to Star Wars and all types of games. Like most kidults, we LOVE to play. There are countless opportunities for “play dates” with your spouse. Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie, try something different for your next night out. Try hitting up your local arcade and spend the evening duking it out in friendly competition. Or, for a cozy night in, have a movie marathon of your favorite childhood movies. Sixteen Candles, a tub of popcorn, and a handful of candy are at the top of my list.

Image via Kirk Brown

  1. Play!

I’m a fitness junkie, but even I get sick of my routine trips to the gym and mundane laps on the treadmill. It seemed like when we were kids we LOVED playing, and consequently stayed healthy and fit. With that in mind, why don’t we kidults revisit some of our favorite pastimes to get in shape? Instead of trudging to the fitness center, try joining a community sports team. You loved playing basketball growing up? See if your city has a local league. Remember how much fun you had playing kickball during recess in your school days? You still can. Many communities have local kickball leagues that get together and have a ton of fun.

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What activities make you feel young at heart? Let us know in the comments!