Black Bride Book Club: Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur.

Juggling marriage, children, and being a boss can be overwhelming. You are faced with many challenges that will test your resolve, leaving you to question whether or not you have made the right decision to become an entrepreneur. Lanise Herman-Thomas and Janine Smalls-Gueye have been there and they wanted to help other women overcome the stress of juggling your personal life and your career. In their latest book, Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. 23 Tips And Lessons On How To Successfully Juggle It All,”  they share personal life stories, proven strategies, tips, and lessons on how to manage your dreams, motherhood and marriage. We got a chance to catch up with Lanise and Janine to learn more about their new book and how they juggle it all: 

Where did the idea for your book come from? 

The idea of ‘Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. 23 Tips And Lessons On How To Successfully Juggle It All’ came from us being asked so many times “How do you guys do it all? How are you ladies able to run a business and have a family? ”  Those were questions we were asks for years and would tell people over and over what we did. One day we decided hey lets just put it in a book so we can share with women all over the world.

What’s one thing you’d wish you knew about marriage before you got married? 

For me (Lanise) I had marriage counseling before marriage. In counseling I learned so much from a spiritual aspect. As for things I needed to know about my husband I learned before marriage. We lived together for a few years before we said ‘I Do’ so I already knew what I was in for. (Janine) I don’t think there is really any “one thing” that one needs to wish they know before marriage, so with that being said I really don’t have anything I wish I knew. Other than that you just have to experience marriage as it progresses. 

What do you want our readers to know about your book? 

We want readers to know we are human. We made many  mistakes on our road to success. We made mistakes in Marriage, Motherhood and in business. We decided to share our story with the world so that other women who can identify with us don’t feel like they are alone. We also wanted  women who are thinking  about  juggling these three rewarding roles to  not be discouraged, learn from the mistakes we made as well our triumphs. There’s always a community of women who can relate to them. 

What did you learn about yourself while writing this novel?

We learned its important to take care of yourself before anyone else. We learned that our mental and physical health takes precedence above all else.

How can engaged women prepare for juggling, marriage, motherhood and their careers? 

Systems! have systems in place to assure the ball isn’t dropped while juggling.

What’s next for the two of you?

We’re now expanding our  not for profit business trying to make it  out of six figures and into seven figures. We’re working on building our virtual  women’s group  into a community where all topics of life are on the table. Women need a community where they feel safe to ask/discuss things they find relevant such as growing pains in marriage, business development, raising children etc.

Be sure to get your copy of “Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. 23 Tips and Lessons to Juggling It All,” and keep up with Janine and Lanise on social @wifemomentrepreneur!