A Brooklyn Romance: Sharifa and Leighton’s Anniversary Shoot

Sharifa and Leighton met in 2011 with the help of their mutual friends who thought they’d make the perfect match. “Leighton’s best friend dated one of my girlfriends and they wanted us to meet,” said Sharifa. “It was not love at first on my end, but Leighton knew he was going marry me.”  Leighton immediately told his friend after the first day that he met Sharifa that she would be his wife. Six months after their first meeting they finally went on their first date. The first date was a success and their relationship took off. The two were married a year later in July 2012 and have been happily married every since. Check out their chic and cozy anniversary session.

Wife: Sharifa Murdock, 38, Co-owner of Liberty Lifestyle Fairs

Husband: Leighton Murdock, 36, Bus Operator/ Private Chef 

Place of residence: Brooklyn

Wedding date: July 6th, 2012

Honeymoon Destination: Never took one

How did you know your partner was the one? 

It was how warm and caring he was while still being so cool and collected all the time. Those kind of qualities I wanted to be around forever.

What makes your love special?

We are both very entrepreneurial and strive to grow and evolve. That requires each of us to freedom, space and support that will allow the other to grow. We understand that our individual pursuits makes us stronger and happier as a couple.

Tell us about your partner:

He is the type of person who doesn’t let the world get to him. He looks ahead un-bothered by the silly daily nonsense that so many of us get distracted by. If he can’t control it, he has an amazing ability to brush it off. His love and loyalty to his family is above and beyond. He will do anything he can to make sure they are happy, healthy and excel at life. It’s something I admire greatly and try to keep up with.

Proposal story:

We were hosting a Mother’s Day brunch. My entire family including my dad, were all at our apartment. It was the first time my dad had met Leighton. Leighton had taken my Dad on a tour of the complex and my brother-in-law kept saying that my dad didn’t like Leighton. I started to panic because I am such a daddy’s girl. I was trying to sell Leighton to my dad the entire day. I really didn’t want to have to break up with him. Before I knew it my dad says to me, ” Turn around, I think Leighton needs to ask you something.” Leighton says “I wasn’t going to do this today, but seeing that everyone is here Im going to do it!” Leighton proposed to me on bending knee at the Mother’s Day brunch we were hosting. 

From the Wife: What to you remember most about your wedding day?

I was nervous and couldn’t believe I was getting married, but all along I knew it was right. I walked down a very long set of steps and in the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t fall down the stairs and had to make it down the aisle. 

From the Husband: What to you remember most about your wedding day?

I felt anxious because it was the first wedding I ever attended. After I said I do I felt so relieved and knew it was the best decision I would ever make in my life. 

Wedding song:

L.T.D Love Ballad– I chose this song because I really just loved the song and it made Leighton think of me every time he heard it.  

Favorite wedding detail: 

The theme of the wedding was the Caribbean. Both of our families are from the islands, so infusing the Caribbean into our special day was very significant to us. 

Favorite wedding moment: 

Our first dance as husband and wife.

Your most memorable moment as a married couple so far:

My most memorable moment was seeing Leighton become a chef. Leighton has stood by and supported me through all my goals and aspirations against all odds. Seeing him accomplish something for himself, made me love him even more.

What’s the best part about being a married couple?

That no matter what happens out in the world today, I have one place that is stress free and filled with love & happiness (and delicious food).

What’s the best advice you received about marriage that you actually use?

Don’t try to change the person you are with.

What we love: 

We are always looking for a new adventure to conquer together. We love to travel the world and push each other to our limits.

Happy Anniversary to Sharifa and Leighton! We wish you many more years of wedded bliss.


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