Capturing Happily Ever Afters While Going Through a Divorce

From LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography

As a wedding and engagement photographer, I witness the union between two people every weekend. For me, a wedding day goes a little like this… I hear the bridesmaids reminisce about college years and the bride as they get hair and makeup done. The groomsmen laugh and joke about the groom and how he is head over heels in love with the bride and how no other woman has had this effect on him, while they drink and eat. I reach the ceremony and watch two lovers profess their unconditional love in front of their friends and family. Tears flow and smiles are wide and the story of this couple starts to take shape. The speeches during the reception always get me. The stories of how the couple grew to fall in love and how the parents are so happy to have the new editions to the family make me think. 

These different moments make for amazing photos and a memorable day for family and friends.  This stuck with me because, at the end of a wedding day, I would go home and experience a completely opposite experience. I was going through the loss of my best friend, lover, and father of my children – A divorce.

I was afraid to tell clients that I was going through a divorce when they would ask about my husband because I thought they would think it would affect my ability to deliver great images for them. My divorce during my busiest wedding season actually had the opposite effect. I was able to see the love in my client’s relationships which filled me with a happiness that helped to produce great photos and mend my heart at the same time. 

I realized the fairy tale does exist. That a man and woman could be the most important things to one another and that it could happen for me again – I would just need to be patient. Being a wedding and engagement photographer has helped me to see that love can come in different forms. Relationships are difficult but when you have a powerful connection nothing can break you. 

Now I’m happy enjoying life, my career, and my children. My happily ever after as a photographer and as a person is happening. 


LaJoy Photography