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After the Aisle: 7 Ways to Make Marriage Fun

Photo credit: Allison Heine 

by Keisha Bass

Keisha Bass is the Founder and CEO of Her Dope Marriage. Her Dope Marriage is a platform dedicated to providing wives with inspiration to be a confident wife through wise counsel and advice as well as strategies to be a wife of purpose and intentionality.

After the ‘I Do’s’ are said and it’s back to business as usual, it can become easy to get stuck in a mundane routine. Boredom starts to sneak in and before long, a feeling of disconnectedness shows up.  As the years roll by, it might become more and more difficult for couples to use the word ‘fun’ to describe their marriage but, you can change that!

Here are 7 things you can do to help put back the spark into your union: 

1. Find a TV series you and your spouse can watch and enjoy together. 

2. Go to bed at the same time.

3. Send love text messages.

4. Find creative ways to surprise your spouse.

5. Flirt with each other.

6. Dance to music just because.

7. Be willing to try new things. 

What things have you done to make your marriage more enjoyable daily?

Keisha is dedicated to seeing healthy marriages.  She has been married for almost 31 years and enjoys seeing wives walk in their purpose and become the wife they desire to be for their husband. Get more marriage tips and find out more about Her Dope Marriage at IG: @her.dope.marriage and at

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