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After the Aisle: How to Find Peace During Uncertain Times

Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

by Marquita Richardson

If there was one word to describe what we all have experienced over the past almost two years, it would be uncertainty. So much of what has gone on in the world has been shocking, monumental and uncertain. Oftentimes, with uncertainty, comes panic. It’s important, however, to keep a level head in times like these. Continue reading for four ways to keep a level head during uncertain times. 

Get some vitamin D

For so long during this Pandemic, we were told to limit our time outside. Now that things have opened up a bit around the world, many restrictions have been lifted. It’s the perfect time to go out and get some vitamin D (safely). There’s nothing like a nice sunny day to make you feel good about things. They say going outside and getting some sun has been proven to increase your endorphins, thus increasing your mood. Make getting out a priority each day.

Positive mindset

Keeping a positive mindset during difficult times is paramount. Make a point to think good things on purpose. If a negative thought comes to mind, immediately replace it with something positive. Do this as often as possible. Remember, a positive mindset sets the tone for a positive day.


Exercising helps relieve stress and keeps us on a great health path. Put a workout regimen in place that allows you to get some exercise as often as possible. Whether it’s daily or weekly, set aside that time to really focus on your health. Your routine could be as simple as taking a walk 3 times a week or enrolling in classes at your local gym. Whatever you decide, really commit to it. So often we think exercise only helps in a physical way, but it also aids our mental as well.


Having a therapist/counselor is one of the greatest investments one can have. It’s always good to be able to talk with someone about anything you may be going through. Additionally, it is helpful to share your thoughts and feelings about a particular matter and receive sound unbiased advice from a professional. For so long, therapy was frowned upon in certain communities, but it’s good to see things shifting for the better. More and more people are taking their mental health seriously, and that’s something to be proud of.

What practices have you put in place to keep a level head during uncertain times? Share in the comments below!

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