How to Get Your Skin Clear and Luminous For Your Wedding!

When it comes to wedding prep, skincare is at the top of almost every brides beauty to-do-list! We recently chatted with Stalina Glot, Senior Esthetician at Haven Spa, an urban retreat in Soho, NY known for their amazing facials and spa services. We talked all things skin and got her advice on how to get your skin clear and luminous for the big day!

BB: Why are facials important for skin care? and what are some benefits?

SG: We are never too young to take care of our skin for a healthy complexion and to prevent aging. Facials help to balance skin out and address any problems like clogged pores or acne. My mother always told me, “You live with one face all your life, take care of it!”

BB: When and how often should a bride start getting facials before her big day?

SG: Depending on the brides skin type, we usually recommend having them come in a few months for an evaluation. We’d then start with a longer facial like the Boot Camp Facial and then continue with shorter facials like the Gimme 30 and/or Diamond Peel. Every bride is different, so it’s important to address any skin issues like breakouts, etc. at least a few months prior to the big day. Your aesthetician will guide you to beautiful skin!

BB: How do you decide what facial is best for you?

SG: It depends on your skin condition and your aestheticians discretion. If you get facials regularly then you may need a shorter facial with no extractions and if you don’t get facials regularly we usually recommend a longer more thorough facial to get your skin on track for the big day. 

BB: What can you do at home in between facials to keep your skin looking flawless?

SG: Follow your aestheticians advice. Listen to her opinion! Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and never sleep with your makeup on. 

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