10 Sparkly Wedding Gowns for All Bridal Styles

Courtesy of Cucculelli Shaheen

Bridal style has significantly changed over the years, as we’ve seen an influx of Brides wanting to express more of their personal flair with their wedding look. But despite shifts to more unconventional bridal fashion, one thing that has remained consistent is the brides need for bling.

Although there are a plethora of opportunities to mesmerize guests by incorporating sparkle into your wedding experience, there’s nothing that catches the eye more than a dress with details that dance underneath the most subtle touch of light. No matter what your style type is, choosing a dress with a sparkle effect is a sure way to be the center of attention.

But before you say yes to sparkly wedding dress there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Weight – If a gown is fully beaded it may be very heavy to wear. Determining how comfortable a gown feels on the body may be the deciding factor between one sparkly dress an d the next.

2. Materials – Different materials sparkle. in different ways, You may love the way clear beads reflect light but not like the glare from sequins. Take note of what types of materials you’re drawn to the most to avoid wasting time trying gowns that don’t fit that description.

3. Price Point – It’s important to note the more elaborate gowns in a collection tend to be the most expensive, as these gowns usually cost more to make due to the expense of the materials. If you find yourself more attracted to more embellished gowns by any particular designer be prepared for those gowns to be priced at the top of their given price range.

Are you a bride that wants to shine in the crowd? Here is our list of dresses that will shine bright like a diamond on your wedding day.

01. The Ethereal Bride

Dana Harel – Aria

Dana Harel’s Summer 23 collection Aqua embodies the spirit of historical goddesses. The Aria gown’s sheer tulle is lightly embroidered with pearls, beads, and crystals. Designed to mimic nature and the sea, Dana Harel proves sparkle can also be for the care free bride.

02. The Regal Bride

Ese Azenabor – Essence

Most brides fascination with sparkle probably began with their introduction to a fairytale where a princess wore a beautifully embellished ball gown as she married her Prince Charming. And for many, the wedding day is the one chance to make that fairytale a reality. Ese Azenabor designs with that bride in mind, as their collection of gowns encompasses maximalist adornments fit for a queen. The Essence gown’s heavily encrusted corset bodice and textured full skirt follows suit, resembling attire worn by storybook royalty.

Courtesy of Ese Azenabor

03. The Daring Bride

Galia Lahav – Tokyo

Whether drawn to the exaggerated padded shoulders, sheer bodice with plunging deep v neckline, or side cutouts along the hips, Tokyo is most definitely for the bride not afraid to take risks. Her presence is powerful and she wants to make a strong statement, even on her wedding day. Buy even with it’s daring design, the shimmer of the beaded fabric screams beautiful bride.

Courtesy of Galia Lahav

04. The Vintage Bride

Alonuko – Look 2

Design house Alonuko made a major splash in the bridal industry by debuting their impeccably matched skin tone mesh for Women of Color but the the craftsmanship of their embellished gowns should also be it should also recognized. Look 2 from the most recent Empress collection features a high neck and long sleeve mesh top encrusted with art deco like bead work that continues down over a delicate lace fit and flare silhouette, resembling the heavily beaded gowns of the 1920’s. This gown is perfect for the bride who appreciates the formal fashion of years past.

05. The Whimsical Bride

Zuhar Muraid – Look 2

Reigning from the Middle East, a region known for its exquisite beadwork, Zuhair Murad wows us with their use of sparkle season after season. For the bride wants to feel as if she’s in a mystical dream, look 2 has all of the style details of a magical gown. Soft tulle, volume, and uniquely designed sparkle that resembles galaxies of stars.

Courtesy of Zuhair Murad

06. The Classic Bride

Peter Langner – Etoile

Etoile appears as the epitome of classic bridal beauty, designed in a ball gown silhouette, with long sleeves, and authentic Chantilly lace overlay. But upon second glance you may also notice a subtle shine courtesy of the nightly placed sequin and swavorski crystals. Peter Langner challenges the notion that sparkle lacks sophistication with an execution of bling that would be appropriate for even the most elevated of bridal occasions.

Courtesy of Peter Langner

07. The Minimalist

Lihi hod – Jasmine

Who says minimalist fashion can’t have a touch of bling. Jasmine is a clean fit and flare gown with embellished mesh at the waist cut out as well as the bottom of the sleeve. These intentionally placed details give just enough sparkle to be noticeable but not take overshadow the modern minimalism of the overall dress.

Courtesy of Lihi Hod

08. The Unconventional Bride

Cucculelli Shaheen – Deco Constellation Borders Two -Piece

Just because you may choose not to wear a traditional gown on your wedding day doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some super bridal details into your wedding look. The Deco pants two piece ditches all of the assumed drama of a wedding dress, relying on a fully embellished fabric to make the statement. Paired with a great pair of shoes and possibly a veil, this look still does what needs to be done to have your bridal bling moment.

09. The Sophisticated Bride

Pantora Bridal- Alaysia

The Alyasia gown exudes elegance and class. For the bride that understands less is more, the elaborate design of the sweetheart bodice recieves the attention it deserves being paired with the clean yet rich fabric of the fit and flare skirt and detachable strain.

Courtesy of Pantora Bridal

Written by Dara Adams, Fashion Editor and Creative Director of VEIL Bridal Styling Agency.

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