Bridal Showers have become bigger than your living room parlor because everyone's invited. Whether you opt to host a small wedding or destination fiesta, your bridal shower outfit should be thoughtfully planned out. All eyes and camera phones will be focused on you. Make every angle count - from your shoes to your bag. Here's what to wear to themed- bridal shower.  

Get Crazy For a Sex and the City Bridal Shower 

Taking your bridal shower on the road? The Sex and the City series is all about city glamour. Opt for a bodycon dress, a pair of stiletto heels and a small bag. If your bridesmaids are whisking you away to an exclusive Penthouse club, you'll be dressed to impress. 

The Great Gatsby Fete 

The Roaring 20s were all about celebrating life - wearing silk pajamas and kitten heels to dinner, having a glass of champagne for lunch, basking by the pool after work. Why not translate this lifestyle to the ultimate Great Gatsby themed bridal shower?  Dress up in fringe and lacy garments. Whether your style is bohemian or casual, you can find a fringe leather jacket or vintage flapper dress in just about any city.

A Summer Garden Party 

No garden party is complete without a plastic pink flamingo lawn statue and a margarita pitcher! Bring out your fedora hats and floral dresses, this attire is all about comfortable and breezy outfits that are easy to wear outdoors.

Are you having a themed bridal shower? Let us know what style you'll be wearing in the comments below.