Fashion Trends You Can Wear On Your Wedding Day

Have you noticed that some of this season’s hottest trends have borrowed inspiration from classic wedding day styles? For example, bustiers and corsets have taken on a new meaning when it comes to casual dressing thanks for Kim Kardashian, but these staple pieces have always been a part of wedding day garments. And thanks to designers who are pushing the envelope, many other street wear trends have also found their way down the aisle. Here are a few of fashion trends you can absolutely wear on your wedding day. 

The bohemian bride has arrived with glowing shoulders. 

This season’s breakout silhouette is the off-the-shoulder blouse or dress. It’s literally every brides dream to be classy, elegant, and sexy all at once. From crop tops to dresses,  expand your bridal style with this fun and flirty look.

Keep it classy in ruffles and pleats.

If heavy layers of tulle is just not your style, try ruffles and pleats. Ruffles give the same volume of a tulle but don’t require much hemming and come in different fabrics like fine cotton, polyester and twill. Plus, pleats are very artistic and offer an alternative to classic bridal style. 

Less is more with the minimal look.

Whether you are eloping at City Hall or on the countryside of Italy, a strappy silk gown is posh and feminine. Just drape it with diamonds and your favorite blue handbag and you’re off to become a Mrs. 

Bustiers and corsets for a Marie Antoinette wedding.

Bustiers and corsets were historically worn to improve posture and portray grace. So, what better way to make sure that your posture is in full royal mode and that you’re photogenically graceful than wearing a corset on your wedding day? This season, there are so many gorgeous corset gowns that feature striking embellishments like jewels and intricate beading.  Bustiers are also great to wear under your wedding gown for extra added support and shaping.

Accessorizing with pearls. 

Pearls are making a comeback, and they are used for more than being strung on a necklace or clasped to an earlobe. Pearls are now a statement embellishment that can be seen on a strappy heel, details of gown and even headpieces.

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