Adventures in Paradise ~ North Star Cruises! –

Welcome to North Star Cruise, a truly romantic experience for discerning adventurers!  Guests have the opportunity to explore the Australian Coast, West Papua and Papua New Guinea aboard one of the finest cruise ships in the world.  The icing on the cake is most cruise options feature an on-board helicopter.  The helicopter experience allows you to explore many destinations that cannot be seen by land.



































































































My dream is to cruise with my love to West Papua and Papua New Guinea and spend the day with the beautiful Melanesian people.  Their love for each other and the beautiful country they live in is truly breathtaking leaving you with a great sense of freedom and love (a reminder of what life is all about).  Some of the other memorable experiences include The Whale Sharks of Cenderawashih Bay, the Archipelago Adventure and flying over the active volcano at Rabaul.

Love and luxury experiences on a whole new level!


Until next time…Love is already here!








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