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Ericka Dotson, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Indique Hair

When it comes to planning your wedding look we know that finding the perfect hair style is a priority ! If you're a bride looking for a versatile look that can go from the aisle of a church to a tropical island for a honeymoon getaway, extensions can provide an easy solution!  We caught up with Ericka Dotson, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Indique Hair to get the 411 on honeymoon hair. Indique is a premium hair extension company which caters  to celebrities like Jill Scott, Angela Simmons, Ciara and even Lady Gaga. We chatted with Ericka about everything you need to know about extensions and having beautiful hair for your wedding and honeymoon.  Don’t forget to enter our Honeymoon Hair Contest to win Indique Hair for your tropical escape!

Indique Co-Founder and Expert: Ericka Dotson
Current location: New York
Number of years in the industry: 9 years
Specialty: Retailer of Premium Virgin Hair Extensions
Price range:  Prices start at $160 and go up to $350


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the hair extension industry?
I started out as a professional stylist, specializing in hair extensions.  In my research, I came across premium human hair which I absolutely loved but it was not readily available to the masses.  I started ordering for clients.  There was an increase in cost but clients did not mind because they loved it.  As the demand increased, the process to get the hair became more and more difficult.  This sparked the idea for me to research and find the source so I could have the hair in stock and readily available for my clients. As I started researching, I met my current business partner, Krishan Jhalani, who had a direct connection to the temples in India. We started discussing bringing the business to the U.S. and we launched Indique within two months.

2. What are some things that a bride should consider before she purchases hair extensions? 
A bride should consider her preferred wedding day hairstyle.  Does she desire an updo or loose waves? She should also consider her honeymoon destination. For example, if you plan on going to a tropical location, a texture that looks great with minimal maintenance after swimming is a wise option.

3. Most brides want a carefree look on their wedding day and especially on their honeymoon. What kind of textures/ collections work best for a low maintenance look?
The best texture for a versatile look that is easy to maintain is the wavy texture from the PURE Collection. This texture can be heat styled to your desired wedding look or worn in its natural state. It is Honeymoon approved!


4. What textures do you recommend for a bride who wants a sleek look on her wedding day and wet look for her honeymoon?
I recommend the SEA Collection Tahitian Curl because it provides a beautiful, shiny sleek and effortless look that is easy to maintain while on the beach.

5. What makes Indique Virgin Hair Extensions different from other hair extensions on the market?
Indique hair is 100% virgin hair with the cuticle intact. It is all natural and free from any chemical processes like acid bath washes and perms.  Indique hair will last you a minimum of one year and is very versatile. Therefore you can create a multitude of styles with one texture.

6. What are some of the myths that you hear about hair extensions?
Over the years I’ve heard several myths about hair extensions.  The biggest myth is you can leave hair extensions in longer than six months. You can easily damage your hair if you leave your extension in over 3 months.  Matting and other damage can occur within the natural hair braids. It’s best to take down your extensions and give it some loving care with a shampoo and deep conditioning.


7. Do you have tips for at home hair maintenance?
I recommend shampooing and conditioning the hair regularly with sulfate-free products. You should keep styling products to a minimum to prevent weighing down your hair. When applying heat to your extensions, only use a small amount of heat protector. For daily styling, use a light styling product, or allow hair to air dry product free for a full look.

8. What products would you suggest to help maintain your extensions?

Our hair requires minimal product. We suggest using sulfate free shampoo and conditioners such as Indique Hair Care essentials. Within our collection, we offer shampoo, conditioner and French Argan oil.  The French Argan oil provides an incredible shine without weighing your hair down.

Check out the Transitioning Bride video on Indique TV featuring a beautiful bride wearing Bounce Organic Curl on her wedding day!

Your honeymoon is a time for fun and relaxation! Indique Hair offers amazing consultations to help select a texture that will allow you to truly enjoy your special day! To find an Indique Boutique or a local authorized retailer, visit .

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