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Every bride wants to be at her personal best on her wedding day and that includes health and fitness. Charity Lynette is a plus size model and celebrity fitness instructor, based in New York. As a former basketball coach and player, Charity strives to increase awareness on the issues of obesity and other related diseases.  Charity offers group and individual training sessions catered to women who love their curves and want to be healthy too. Charity Curvy Chick Fitness because she believes at any size you can create a healthy curve. Check out our one-on-one with the curvy fitness guru and learn some helpful tips on how to get fit for your wedding day!

1.  Why is wedding time a good time to get back on the fitness track?

I feel this is an important time because working out and eating well helps with mental balance. Planning a wedding and preparing your life to be blended with another person and their family can be a stressful life changing event. Physical exercise releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Working out has been proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety and feelings of depression, boost self-esteem, and improve sleep. All which are super important and even more so at this life changing milestone.

2. How soon before the wedding should a bride/wedding party start on a fitness plan?

To show realistic results without doing some type of crazy crash diet I would say start at lease 4 to 5 months before the wedding. If you are a person who is new to this journey then you want to leave a little margin for error. Not that you're planning to fail but you are getting your mind and body prepared for doing something it is not accustomed to. Food plays such a major role with getting on board with health and fitness and sometimes takes a little more time then most people would like and incorporating the two can be an adjustment.

3. What tips can you offer women who would like to get into shape for their wedding?

Surround yourself with motivating people whether its your bridesmaids, personal trainer, husband whoever,  try to come up with a game plan. Start with a few days a week don't try to work out everyday especially if working out is new to you. Try starting with 2 or 3 days a week and make each of those workouts something different. For example, one day go power walking, the other take a class with the bridal party (this will also allow time to chat and iron out plans for the wedding) and the other hit the gym for some strength training. Doing different workouts will help you to not get bored with the same routine therefore letting you continue with your plan. Get help and hire someone if this is not your area of expertise. Think about it, you are hiring someone professional to D.J, arrange flowers, and cater food. So why take the cheap way out for your own body that you only get one of?

4. What nutrition tips can you offer to a bride who wants to maintain a healthier diet?

Water water water! It is very important because water is so essential for good skin care and it helps with digestion of food. Snacking is important as well that way you are not over eating at meal times. The key is healthy snacking, don't just eat bad foods because they are there and you are hungry. Stick to foods that grow from the ground, you can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits for breakfast or earlier in the day versus at night. Fruits have a lot of sugar and  if you don't burn that off you will only slow down your weight loss. Hummus is a great dip for those that don't like eating veggies on their own. Moderate your dairy intake. As an adult your body doesn't know how to break it down so it stores it as fat. What you eat before bed is very important,try to stick with a meat and a veggie for dinner as many days a week as you can.  Also, eat rice, potatoes, and pasta in moderation as well.

5. What are some tips for maintaining your curves while trimming the fat?

Strength training is very important and women tend to shy away from weights for fear of getting bulky. Our body's are different than a man's body. It is hard for us to bulk up without supplements. Strength training helps burn fat and is great for bone density as well.

 6. What are some common mistakes made by dieting brides before the wedding?

Crash diets are the worst. They wait until a month or less to try and get right for the big day for the sake of good pictures and not the sake of a healthy lifestyle. Granted that stuff works and you do lose weight numerically but it is only momentarily and it is usually just water weight. That quick fix idea shouldn't be carried over into your marriage.  Realize that this takes time. It is a transition period and the best way to get through it is to be patient and listen to your body.


In addition to workout classes and private training sessions, Charity has a project called "Obesity Lets Work It Out," where she goes into city hospitals and works out with staff, members of the community  and the youth to help curb obesity. For more information on how to keep your curves defined and your diet healthy, follow Curvy Chick Fitness on twitter @curvychickfit  and on Facebook  and on Tumblr.


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