Bridesmaids Truth Serum


Being a bridesmaid or maid-of-honor is a huge compliment, but the different personalities, expenses, and responsibilities can be way more than you ever bargained for. After the age of 25 its hard to avoid the nuptials of baby showers and wedding bells. Its seems like everyone around you have be bitten by cupid and is finally taking the leap, but is the wedding process really all it is cracked up to be?

Bridesmaids is time to tell it all, from the fashion, "Hell no's " to the last fling before the ring bachelorette  parties. Many women love weddings and celebrating two lovebirds but when its not your wedding, not your style, and just not your thing and you have said yes to being the beloved bridesmaid, what do you do? You may not want to reveal your identity when answering these questions but every bride-to-be should know just how their bridesmaids feel when in their wedding.


What is the hardest thing about being a bridesmaid?

(a) getting along with the other bridesmaids

(b) the expenses

(c) the time to commit to all the festivities


If you thought the bride was making a mistake marrying her fiance, would you tell her?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) I would not participate in the wedding


Do bridesmaids prefer to choose their own dress?

(a) Of course, no one knows my body better than me

(b) No, its my girls day and I trust her

(c) I look good in anything!


Have you ever lied about loving the bridesmaid dress when you hated it?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) I said, "the dress is very interesting"


Every bachelorette must have________________________________?

(a) the best champagne

(b) X-rated essentials & entertainment

(c)  bride paraphernalia tiara, sash, mini veil etc…

(d) disposable cameras


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