Introducing Designer Felicia Dietrich:”The Art of Crochet”

The Allure Soiree Collection by Felicia Dietrich

Crocheting is an overlooked art in mainstream fashion that as existed for decades. I can remember when my own grandmother introduced me to that special shaped needle and yarn to occupy my summers out from school. In fact, I was always so fascinated at how fast her fingers moved as she would crochet and create something so beautiful. As little girls some of us can relate to our elders always knitting and crocheting around family and friends to make unique personalized gifts. The craftsmanship of crocheting is skill very few master. Its popularity may not be celebrated in the mainstream media but there is designer Felicia Dietrich who has mastered the art of crocheting.

Felicia Dietrich established her company as a fashion designer and dress maker in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1983 Ms. Dietrich relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to take her fashion career to higher levels. She has participated in many fashion shows across the United States, won an array of awards, also won 1st place in the Black Fashion Museum designer competition in Washington, DC. Felicia Dietrich works have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Queen Latifah Show and numerous magazines. Ms. Dietrich signature style is "Opulence" and known for her meticulous detailing and magnificent crochet techniques.

I had the chance to interview Felicia Dietrich about her amazing designs! See her responses to my questions below…

Q. Tell us a little about your background and what is your first memory of crocheting?

A. I’ve been crocheting for over 30 years. I was encouraged by my grandmother to crochet which was my first memory of crocheting. My mom recognized my gift in fashion and introduced me to a friend of hers who is a fashion designer. Once she saw all of the garments I created, she was most interested in my crocheting pieces. Soon after the introduction, I became a member of a fashion design organization and won numerous awards.

Q. What inspired you to design the collection we are featuring today?

A. One day I walking in the park and was mesmerized by all the beautiful and bold colors, flowers and just being outdoors. From that moment I started visualizing a picnic in the park with friends and knew I had to bring that vision to life.

Q. Describe your typical design process when assembling a garment?

A. Once I have an idea or a concept, I sketch the design, start searching for the yarns, the type of crochet hooks and accessories that will bring my vision to life. Then start working on the body of the garment, sleeves, etc., until the garment is complete.

Q. Would you say the world of crocheting is an industry and skill that is overlooked and under appreciated?

A. Yes I do. Crocheting is an art which you can create unique master pieces. The more exposure crochet gets the more the fashion industry understands the art. While growing up, crocheting was something only your grandmother did. When I’m featured in fashion shows or make appearances at events, I’m often told they have never seen anyone crochet a garment the way you do.

Q. Do you have a collection or piece you are most proud of and why?

A. My favorite collection I’m proud of is “Allure Soiree”, which is featuring today on As my gift of crochet has grown beyond my imagination, I’m blessed to have shared my gifts and talents with others and also pass on knowledge I’ve gained from experience. I work with an amazing team who see my vision and executed every detail to perfection.

 Q. What type of consumer wears a Felicia Dietrich design?

A. Crochet is for everyone, from the working girl to the fashionista and everything in between. I’m expanding my crochet line to include home decor, kids wear and also for the family pets.

 Q. What advice would you give to fashion entrepreneurs on how to establish longevity within an industry that changes so often?

A. I want to have crochet recognized throughout the fashion industry. My advice is to believe in yourself and trust your creativity.

 The Allure Soiree Collection by Felicia Dietrich

Fashion Team for Allure Soiree Photo shoot

Designer: Felicia Dietrich

Hair Stylist: Shanna Anise

Wardrobe Stylist: JW for BYI

Makeup Artist: Deevetkeio Griffeth

Cake: MakinSisters

Creative Director: BC Graphic Agency

Photographer: Paul Hu


Amy Mahoney (Pink cape w/White)

Maliah Norris (Yellow one shoulder top w/Purple gloves)

Quanetia Johnson (Green strapless top w/Orange gloves)

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