DIY: Candy & Dessert Stations On A Budget –

The latest craze is having a dessert or candy station at your occasion! All the happening parties have them now and they are full of confectionary goodies. Most people color coordinate the sweets to match the decor of your event but it can get very costly. A fellow wedding resource website Broke Ass Bride has some great money saving tips on keeping the cost down! Check it out!

Things you’ll need (and how to get them cheap):

  • Glass candy jars: Remember those flowers your fiancé sent you? You still have that vase somewhere, right? Now’s the time to dig out forgotten glass jars, vases, dishes or giant martini glasses from back of your closet. You’re looking for anything transparent that can hold candy and has an opening wide enough for a large scoop. The beauty of this project is that your jars don’t need to match. Candy buffets looks best when there are an assortment of sizes and shapes of containers. Can’t find enough at home? Head to your nearest thrift store or garage sale where glass vases are a dime a dozen. Many thrift stores have 50% off sales a few times a month, so shop ahead and check their calendars.
  • Large spoons or scoops: Put these on your garage sale shopping list too. Look for anything that’s will get a fair amount of candy from the jar to the favor box. You don’t need one for every jar, just a few to scatter around the table.
  • Favor boxes: Your next stop is the craft store, where you’ll need small decorative boxes or bags big enough to hold a handful or two of candy and cheap enough to give one to every guest. I priced packs of twenty mini Chinese take-out boxes at my local craft store for six dollars, and if you shop ahead and watch for coupons and sales, you can get them even cheaper.
  • Lots and lots of candy: This is the sweetest part of the deal. Think beyond the grocery store and opt for candy shops that let you buy wholesale or in bulk. (Supporting a local candy retailer would provide your guests with a little extra local flavor, but if there’s none in your area, there are plenty of candy wholesalers online.) Look for a variety of bright, colorful sweets that match your color palette. Giant lollipops and candy sticks are perfect for adding bursts of brightness and variety. Get enough to fill a favor box for each of your guests and extra for them to munch on at the party.
  • How to do it (the easy way): Just arrange your delicious and decorative sweets jars on a table with the shortest in front, so it’s easiest to reach. You can set a few on old suitcases or books to mix up the heights and add extra visual pop. Then place an empty favor box at every place setting with a note thanking your guests for coming and inviting them to head on over to the candy buffet and fill it up with their favorite treats.
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