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Valentine's Day is behind us but that doesn't mean the season of love has ended. Here at Black Bride we believe that love should be celebrated all 365 days in the year. What better way to show your special someone that you care than sending them a love letter or love note!  We got a chance to attend "The Love Ink: Art of Love Letter Writing Workshop," on Feb. 8th in NYC and learned how to craft the perfect love letter. This fun and creative writing workshop was led by C.K. Alexander, writing coach and owner of Love Ink, a special occasion writing and coaching service based in New York City. C.K. Alexander, who is spreading the gift of romantic writing, guided all of the workshop attendees through the forgotten art of writing love letters and love notes. Love letter writing is a great personal gift to share with a loved one for any occasion, or just because.  Check out some of the highlights from this event as well as tips for writing your very own love letter.

From C.K. of Love Ink:

I absolutely love helping people write in a way that they never thought that they could. The love letter writing workshop was less about writing a masterpiece, and more about tapping into the writer within. So many people left the workshop excited about writing something special for someone they love, and that's how I define a successful event!

C.K.  kept everyone engaged with unique writing techniques that got everyone's creative juices flowing.

Photos by NYC Photographer Nelson Vargas

Here are some helpful Love Letter Writing tips from Love Ink to help you get started on writing your masterpiece of love .

1. Always remember that writing is not a thinking activity, it's an emotional experience. Be sure to feel more than you think.

2. There are three key things that you need in order to write an amazing love letter: Authenticity, Vulnerability and Honesty. Don't try to write like anyone else.  Your voice is special and unique, so don't be afraid to share your true feelings with your partner in your own voice.

3. Before you write, set the mood. It's very important to eliminate distractions when crafting a love letter. Try lighting a candle and listening to calming or romantic music, to help you get in the mood to write about the love of your life.

4. Know your intentions. Always start with the end in mind. This will help you set the tone for your letter. Ask yourself "how do I want my partner to feel after reading this letter?"

5.  The best writers get writer's block. If you're having a hard time finding the words start by listing all the words that come to your mind when you think of the special person in your life.

6. Organize your thoughts and write a rough draft first. Get all of your thoughts out of your head and on to the paper. You can always go back and add or trim later.

7. Presentation is key! Remember that a love letter is a gift, so be sure to present it in a nice package by writing it on pretty paper or even framing it so your partner can keep it as a keepsake.

Want to learn more about love letter writing or crafting the perfect words for any occasion? Love Ink currently offers workshops nationwide and one-on-one training sessions on various topics, which include Wedding Vow Writing, Love Notes, Love Letters and more.  Be sure to visit for more information.









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