A Classic Love Story Engagement Session in Atlanta

Shortly after moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for graduate school in 2016, Hannah was introduced to Daniel as a fellow African that could help her if she ever needed anything. Since she knew no one in Louisiana, she was happy to be connected with someone. The two were strictly friends until Hannah became seriously ill just a few months after they met. Daniel was there right by her side. During that time, sparks began to fly and the couple have been together for the past four years.  

Check out their engagement shoot captured by Atta Junior Photography.

Bride:  Hannah Manboah-Rockson, 32, Registered Nurse and Doctor of Nurse Practicioner (DNP) Student at Emory University

Groom: Daniel Karl Emeri, 37, Mechanical Engineer

Place of residence: Ghana, West Africa

Engagement Shoot Location: Grand Hyatt Atlanta and The Temple Atlanta

Wedding date: November 25, 2020

Engagement story

Daniel’s original plan of proposing to Hannah involved a private romantic dinner, lots of flowers, and candles but, his nerves got in the way. While Daniel and Hannah were both in their bathrobes getting ready for their date, he decided he could not go another minute without asking her to be his best friend forever. Daniel asked for Hannah’s help in looking for a “gift” he bought her.  He was in the middle of relocating to Atlanta to be with her, therefore, his room was a bit messy. Hannah was frantically opening boxes and looking for the “gift.” While she was busy searching, Daniel located the ring box and got down on one knee. It took Hannah about ten minutes to realize that what was happening! When she finally turned around, the rest was history.

What makes your love special?

What makes our love story special is how two people from the same town in Ghana, West Africa traveled many miles to the United States as total strangers and found each other. We are soulmates and strongly believe that we were made for each other. We are each other’s best friend and find comfort in God. Our favorite thing to do as a couple is to travel to new and exciting places to create lasting memories. We also love to play an African game called “Ludo” and “Owari” and be competitive. He hates it when he looses, and he always does!

What was the theme of your shoot?

The theme of our shoot is a classic love story. We wanted the shoot to symbolize elegance, royalty, and the purity of love. Our wedding planner, Sola Oshikanlu, spent over three hours with the photographer to discuss inspirational pictures and the theme of the shoot. It was a two-day shoot and was held at two different locations. The first location was at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead with gold elevators and chandeliers that elevated the ambiance. The second shoot took place in a Jewish synagogue at The Temple in Atlanta. It is a serene place with beautiful artwork, and historical artifacts. It was a showstopper and attracted a lot of attention. The shoot was very professional!Atta and his team made us feel extremely comfortable.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

I am looking forward to wearing my custom wedding dress from Bridal by Nona. We are looking forward to celebrating with our loved ones and dancing all night long. We also look forward to sharing our vows and officially being husband and wife. 

Have you started planning your wedding?

When it comes to our wedding planning, I can’t take any credit. My wedding planner, Shollah from Unique Events by Shollah has been my lifeline from the beginning. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been stressed and overwhelmed, but she has been a shining light through this darkness. Not only is she exceptional at wedding planning, but she also offers emotional support. Our wedding date had to be postponed from July 2nd 2020 to November 25th 2020. The date is appropriate as it falls one day before Thanksgiving holiday. We are grateful to God for making it through this pandemic and the ongoing civil rights issues.  In these uncertain times, we are praying for a COVID-free season in November and look forward to our special day.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  We wish you many years of wedded bliss!



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