His Medical Plan or Her Medical Plan.. Which do You choose? –

Over the last two weeks, health care has become a hot topic amongst some of my colleagues and even on an interview I had recently. Therefore I decided we needed to talk about it here so our brides could be equipped as they make a decision regarding healthcare.

Maybe you and your groom haven't talked about it. I ask you whose medical plan will you go with. If you are both working and more than likely have healthcare through your employer, whose plan will you choose? Will it be the groom or will it be the bride? This topic surfaced due to a colleague sharing that even though she has medical insurance, her co-pay can still be pricey.

Below are some guidelines I'd like to recommend brides and grooms use as they make the decision as to whose healthcare they will use:

1) Look at the groom's policy – what is his present cost? What would be his cost once he added you to the plan? Are your physicians are part of the network under his provider? What is the co-pay you would have.

2) Look at the bride's policy and answer those same questions.

3) Once you've looked at both policy, determine what will be your cost after adding each spouse and what that will do to your budget. Will you have money left over? If your doctor's are not covered under your spouse's policy what will you choose to do?

4) What will you do if someone has lost a job and they were the person carrying the healthcare? What is your plan B, C or D when it comes to healthcare?

I was speaking with a second colleague last week during an interview and she shared that she recently had to have a procedure and the first thing they wanted to know at the hospital was did she have insurance? She did have insurance through her husband's policy; however, she said they still had a huge out of pocket expense.

Evaluate all of the options. Let me also recommend a program you should check out .. that is Ameriplan. Now Ameriplan is not insurance; however it is a discount program. This may very well be a solution that you can add in addition to your regular health insurance to cover some of the extra expenses that your insurance may not cover.

I encourage you to do your homework! Whether you have healthcare or not, if you need medical attention of any sort, you will pay. The question is how much will you pay? The goal should be not to go into debt because of healthcare.

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