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With the sizzling summer season on the horizon, brides near and far are prepping for their perfect nuptials. Although there is nothing better that a picturesque summer sunset as a backdrop for your "I do's", summer weddings are not always fun in the sun. Here are some tips on how to have the perfect summer ceremony from Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Weddings, a boutique wedding planning company based in New York City.

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1. Incorporate Colors of the Summer Season:

Summertime is a season bursting with color, you can find inspiration for your summer nuptials almost anywhere. When planning a summer wedding, I tell my clients to have fun and to step out of the box. Most brides gravitate towards bright and vibrant colors for their summer celebrations. However, pastels and rich tones like burgundy and plum that you usually see during the fall can be just as amazing. Mixing your brights with pastels or burgundies is a great way to maximize your color palette.

2. Dress for the Weather:

For the bride: While shopping for your wedding dress always keep in mind the expected weather for your day. Whether it's going to be a breezy beach day or a more humid setting, make sure you consider these things before you select your dress. Lighter fabrics like silk and lace are always a good start when thinking about airy fabrics. However, if you are dead set on wearing your dream ball gown, then by all means enjoy the dress for the ceremony and slip into a shorter more festive option for the reception. When you meet with your dress consultant let her know about your anticipated weather details for your wedding.

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For the groom: Summer is definitely a time where the guys can have some fun with their wedding wardrobe. Your groom and his pals can play with different suit textures like seersucker, khaki and of course linen. Switching up the shoe options is another way to add fun to your wedding wear. A nice leather sandal or even a fabric tennis shoe makes for a relaxed and fun look.

3. Selecting Seasonal Flowers:

I love all things flowers- especially summer blooms. Take advantage of what the season has to offer. I love seeing softer singular bloom bouquets for summer weddings, like bouquets and floral arrangements with just peonies. I always suggest keeping it clean and simple, especially if you are keeping it light and airy with your gown.

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If you have a favorite bloom that you must incorporate into your special day that isn't in season discuss with your florist to see if it's possible to find that particular flower, or find a very close alternative

4. Think About Your Guest:

When planning a wedding, no matter what the season, it is important to think about your guests and to make sure they are comfortable and feel welcomed. If you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony in a hot climate consider having your program act as a fan for your guests. Also, offer a festive lemonade or a bottle of personalized water before the ceremony to ensure your guests stay cool and comfy. If you are in an exceptionally hot climate, or have an unexpected scorcher, consider outdoor fan rentals, it may be pricey, but your guests will love you for it.

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With summer nuptials it is always best to give you guests as much information as soon as possible. Traveling during the summer months can be costly so giving your friends and family details about your wedding sooner rather than later is the way to go. This will allow them to take advantage of flight deals and coordinate schedules for small children.

5. Summer Menu Selections:

When selecting your summer menu, I suggest going with foods that are lighter. Light foods not only help with your budget, but will also help your guest stay fresh and festive throughout the night.

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Signature drinks: Using a signature cocktail is also a cool and fun way to incorporate your personality into your wedding menu. This is also a way to cut down on your budget while giving your guests a taste of your personal style. If you're stumped on cocktail ideas, meet with a mixologist to help customize the drink that's right for you and your groom.

6. Summer Make-up and Hair:

Your dress isn't the only thing that you want to keep light and airy. Keeping your make up and hair summertime friendly is the way to go. Go with a soft swept up-do or a neat bun to insure your tresses don't frizz or curl up throughout the evening. With your make up, no matter what the season, you always want to look as natural as possible, but slightly enhanced. In the summer, you want to play with lighter colors for you cheeks and lips. When you sit down for your trial, take images of your dress and decor and your stylist will be able to customize the perfect look for you. Also, make your trial a real trial. After getting your hair and makeup done go out for a ladies night out. Dance, sweat and let it all hang out. This will give you an idea of what will happen on the day of your wedding. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, don't forget the sunscreen. Use a sunscreen moisturizer for your face, or a sunscreen enhanced foundation to make sure your skin is protected.

7. Use Your Environment and Mother Nature:

Have fun with your location. If you aren't into a beach, then pick an outdoor venue that comes with its own decor, such as a botanical garden , a sculpture garden or a simple loft space with a view.

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Research the sunset for your wedding date and play around it, maybe have your first kiss as husband and wife as the sun begins to set, or kick off the dancing. Mother nature is easy to use and its free.

8. Just in Case/ Things to Avoid:

For an outdoor summer gathering always, always, always have a back up plan for rain or scorching heat. Have a local tent and fan company on call if you are dead set on staying outdoors, or discus with your venue what their plan B is in the event of inclement weather; ie. moving the guests into a reception hall.

You should always research your area, if you are not already familiar, and get an idea of how the temperature changes after sunset. Also research rain, bugs (especial mosquitoes) that come around that area so that you are prepared on your wedding day. Consider using citronella candles that come in tea light form. They will fit right in with your outdoor decor and your guests won't know the difference!

For more summer wedding inspiration visit the Fallon Carter Wedding Pinterest page.

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