How Do You Handle Extremely Different Incomes? –

Are you the bride that has an administrative job while your groom is an engineer or rocket scientist? Have you been faced with everything you make going strictly towards the bills and maybe some of it going towards the wedding and then you have nothing left over. How do you stop from feeling like you are not contributing enough when he makes sooo much? Do you find yourself feeling bad when it comes to buying gifts for one another because you are limited to your income? Get your notepad bride, let me give you some quick tips on how to handle when you are the one that makes less.

1) Mindset – You have to get it straight in your mind that your income is based on your position. It does not say that you don't work hard at your job. Furthermore, when you are paying your bills and buying gifts or whatever if you are doing it within your budget it says that you are living WITHIN your means.

2) Communication – Talk with your fiance' and decide how the bills are going to be handled once you are married. There are some couples where all of the money is put into one account and then the bills are paid. Then there are other couples where each person contributes a certain amount to the account for the bills to paid. Considering that your fiance' makes a considerable amount more than you, now is the time to have this candid discussion and reach an agreement that both of you are comfortable with so neither one of you will feel bad about the finances.

3) Don't focus so much on the gift. Once the two of you become one, hopefully you will be more at ease because you will have made some significant decisions about the type of account you will have – joint, separate or a combination of accounts and who will manage the money. That's not saying that if you are the money manager you have free reign to go crazy. It just means if you are on the same page and have a plan in place for the finances you should be able to relax and enjoy your marriage knowing that both of you are contributing to your financial decisions and future.

Do not let society or even family members dictate how you should handle this. You and your fiance have to discuss this issue so that you don't end up regretting him making more. Do not put yourself in a position of letting anything become bigger than your love for each other.

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