How To Maintain a Healthy Relationship – Black Bride

In order to have a healthy relationship you must first understand what constitutes “healthy” and “unhealthy”. We’ve listed relationship behaviors (courtesy of below as a guide to the first step in attaining a healthy relationship with your partner.

Healthy relationships:

  • Consist of two or more persons who support one another
  • Maintain a high level of respect for person, property, and ideas
  • Have open and clear communication
  • Are non-violent, emotionally and physically
  • Maintain a level of trust and privacy
  • Encourage growth both inside and outside of the bond

Unhealthy relationships:

  • May be emotionally or physically abusive
  • Lack respect for privacy
  • May involve ridicule, criticisms, and jealousy
  • May negatively impact either persons self-esteem
  • Cause emotional tension, stress, discomfort, and sadness
  • Often include dishonesty, a lack of trust, threats, and intimidation

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