Lessons regarding Pre-Nups –

The subject of prenuptial agreements can bring on varying emotions. Therefore based on a recent story I read, today's topic will be lessons regarding Pre-Nups.

1) Everyone should not have a prenuptial agreement when they are preparing for marriage. Whether or not you put a prenuptial agreement in place depends on you and what assets you are entering the marriage with. I've heard all kinds of stories from people entering into marriage with property, monetary inheritances from family members to parents wanting their grown children to have a prenup. You must take all the factors into consideration and make an informed decision.

2) If you choose to have a prenup, do not spring it on your bride or groom two weeks before the wedding. This will clearly send the wrong message. May say you have something to hide. May make her think she doesn't know you at all and why did you wait until the last minute.

3) Know that a prenuptial agreement can be written where both people will benefit and one doesn't feel as if they are being taken advantage of. Make sure that a lawyer reads it so they can interpret all the legal jargon for you and explain if it is acceptable.

4) Be sure you are comfortable with what is being put in writing and that you can live up to your end of the agreement.

Let's look at some Celebrity Pre-Nup situations:

* Recently there was talk of Janet Jackson's Billionaire Fiance' ripping up the pre-nup. Look at what he did.

* I was hoping this was a Spoof story that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren planning to remarry with Pre-Nup! You must read this story and would you do it?

What do you think of Pre-Nups?

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