Love Story 2013 By Bien Savvy –

I am in love with the "Love Story" collection by Bien Savvy. It's beautiful, alluring, dreamy, sophisticated, and glamorous. The collection is sexy,  romantic and designed with whimsy. Any one of these gowns will make a woman feel beautiful and sexy on her wedding day. Bien Savvy is a young sophisticated fashion company that's fairly new on the bridal gown scene established in Romania since 2005.

It's not everyday that a girl can actually rock the day with lace, bling, and sparkle. Go ahead be bold and sparkle and shine on your wedding day. Be as sexy as you want it's your day. Whether it's a sexy back gown, or a sexy front gown the most important thing is do YOU!  Stand out with a bedazzled jeweled gown. If you're into trends, jewels are the most appreciate bridal trend for 2013.

Enjoy the view, and get lost in the feminine fairy tale!



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