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Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize.

There are women all over the world, myself included, who get dressed shoe first or put an outfit together around a great necklace or dazzling belt. For some, an outfit is simply not complete until there is a statement or conversation piece incorporated into the ensemble. Do you consider yourself an accessory fanatic? Not sure if you qualify? Think about the following questions:

  1. Do your shoes far outnumber your clothes?
  2. Do you have dresser drawers full of accessories?
  3. Is your jewelry “cabinet” actually a couple of plastic 5-drawer storage caddies hiding in a closet?
  4. Are your friends constantly teasing you because you never leave the house without a belt? A matching purse? Or over-the-top jewelry?
  5. Are you wedding dress shopping based on a pair of shoes you bought or a necklace you HAVE to wear?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may qualify as a certified accessory craver. There is an abundance of wedding day accessories, enough to make some obsessed with the little extras go bananas.

Unfortunately, I have come across a company that is going to make brides re-think their accessories. Recently I attended a wedding and a friend had on a beautiful necklace. After so many compliments, she finally shared her secret and gave me the designer’s name. I spent hours the next day looking at the beautiful pieces and immediately knew I had to share with those looking for the perfect accessory for their wedding day.

Deloris Petunia, a beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry line, is still relatively under the radar, but has found its way onto the pages of major magazines and on the necks of celebrities. These pieces are not for the safe bride. Brides looking for the traditional veil or princess tiara may find it difficult to incorporate these beautiful pieces into their wedding day ensemble. The daring bride, who is going out of her way to be different, will find it impossible to select just one piece. Between the bridal headbands, gorgeous necklaces, and delicate earrings, the accessory bride will come up with so many looks she might go out and buy a reception dress just so she can change her necklace.

 Deloris Petunia Website

Deloris Petunia Etsy

Is your dress saying enough by itself, that bold accessories aren’t necessary?

Did you buy your shoes before you selected your wedding dress?

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