Where to spray your wedding perfume to make it last all day

Your wedding is the perfect excuse to test drive a new signature scent, and since a new perfume can be an emotional memory trigger for years to come, be sure to take every precaution to make your perfume last on your big day!

The best way to do this is to buy a new fragrance to wear on your wedding day so that whenever you spritz it you will be reminded of that special time and not your high school prom. Plan a shopping trip to your local beauty department store a few weeks before your wedding to sniff test perfumes. You need to try a new fragrance on your skin before buying it since you can’t accurately judge a scent by the bottle. To test out a perfume, spray it on your inner arm and let it settle for a few minutes. Take a few laps around the store, letting your body heat and oils effect how it smells on your skin. Once your perfume has sunk in, have your soon-to-be husband or wife there to take a whiff and give you their honest opinion. You don’t want to wear a perfume that makes them sneeze or cringe. Once you have the fragrance for you, follow our below spritz-tips for making your perfume last all day!

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Always start by spraying your perfume on your “pulse points.” These areas generate a lot of heat, which can intensify your fragrance and give off a stronger scent.

Some go-to pulse points are:

On your wrists (but avoid rubbing and “crushing” the scent together)

in the nook of your elbow

behind your ear lobes

at the base of your throat and in your cleavage

One spritz in each, or only a few, of these spots should be plenty, but if you want to take it one step further apply Vaseline to each pulse point before you spray. The petroleum jelly in the Vaseline creates a barrier so the fragrance will sit on the surface instead of sinking into your skin.

And for one last memory-maker, spray your perfume on your brush and comb it through your hair before getting it styled. That way when you let your hair down on your wedding night your honey will get another subtle whiff.

And to help you select your favorite scent here are some amazing fragrances to consider for your big day!

Elie Saab Le Parfum eau de toilette, $75, Elie Saab

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. eau de parfum, $100, available at Sephora

Victoria's Secret Beauty Love Is Heavenly eau de parfum, $42, Victoria's Secret

Michael Kors Gold Rose Edition eau de parfum, $98, Michael Kors

Salvatore Ferragamo Sign­or­ina eau de parfum, $74, available at Nordstrom

What perfume did you wear on your wedding day? What scents do you want to smell on your big day? Share your comments below and on social media @blackbride1998


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