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For many natural hair brides planning  a warm weather wedding battling the humidity and dryness is a huge task. You want to look like you natural beautiful glowing self with the perfect hair but with natural hair, the weather can often make you tresses quite temperamental.  The beauty of natural hair is the variety of textures and the flexibility of many forms natural hair can withstand. I tell clients all the time, "Listen to your hair". Pay attention to how your curls and waves respond to moisturizes, shampoos and conditioners. Don't forget to maintain a healthy scalp as well. Keep a healthy amount of water in your diet and the least amount of usage with harsh chemicals are the best. Stray away from products that clog the hair and scalp which is the number one cause of over dryness and breakage. Well, for this "Beauty Breakdown Tuesday" we are highlighting some gorgeous natural hair brides to inspire your own custom styles for your big day.

Embrace the natural texture of your hair and pay attention to what hair products moisturize, define, and compliment your hairs temperament in warm weather.

There are countless natural styles that do not always have to be paired with a traditional veil.  Blushers, hair jewelry, and so simple fresh flowers can be the perfect hair accessory for your tresses not matter how full, long, or short. During your hair trial experiment with hair accessories.

All photos were sourced via Pinterest "Natural Hair Brides" and

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