One on One with Toni McDaniel Of Floral Couture Inc. –

Meet Toni McDaniel. She is the owner and creator of Floral Couture that is based in Atlanta,Ga. She has created breathtaking tablescapes, floral designs for weddings, special events and more. We had the pleasure of catching up with Toni to ask her a few questions about bridal trends, decor budgets and fantasy weddings. Her answers were very intriguing and she gives couples great ideas for planning their big day. Check it out!

When a couple is on a strict budget, name your top five things they should never cut cost on when planning their wedding. When a couple has decided on a budget for their décor, the five things they should never cut cost on because they are standard in what most Photographers capture for the wedding and because they are details that guests naturally look for first are the:

· Bride’s bouquet

· Altar display for the ceremony (wherever vows will be exchanged)

· Sweetheart or Head Table Centerpiece

· Linen for the Sweetheart or Head Table

· Linen/Décor for the Cake Table

What kind of trends are you seeing in terms of decorating tablescapes for weddings this year? The trends I am seeing when it comes to decorating tablescapes this wedding season are stripes (black and white), glitzy table linen, soft pastels.

What type of flowers are event planners/decorators working with this season? The type of flowers I am seeing in weddings this season are roses (never out of style), orchids, and soft dainty flowers like Anemones and Ranunculus

Give us a great color combo that works best for the bride & groom and why? A great color combination that works best for the bride and groom is black and soft shades of peach or pink. The color black is a strong, masculine color that caters to the groom and the soft shades of peach or pink create a feminine, romantic feel that caters to the bride.

If you could do a fantasy wedding with NO budget, what would you create? A fantasy wedding with NO budget would allow me to create a custom look for my bride that included stylish furniture, fabrics of varying textures, sparkling chandeliers, hanging structures and over the top floral installations, and everything would be showcased beautifully with the glow of specialty lighting.

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