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O’Shea and Shawn met in 2002 while they were both working for AT&T and attending Georgia State University. Although O’Shea dissed and dismissed Shawn when he tried to introduce himself the first time, her playing hard to get didn’t last long. 10 years after their chance meeting, the couple made it official with a proposal on January 18, 2012. O’Shea is beyond excited to be planning her dream wedding with her best friend and fiance. Check out this super sexy photo shoot captured by one of our favorite photographers Nadia D of Nadia D. Photography.

Bride: O’Shea Jones, 31, Law Firm Administrator/ Apple, Inc. Tech Adviser

Groom: Shawn Guillory, 31, Government Contractor

Engagement Shoot Location: The W Hotel, Downtown Atlanta

Wedding Date: 10/6/13

The Engagement Story from the Bride-to-Be:

“Shawn works overseas and only comes to the states 30 days out of the year. It was time for him to come home for a visit. He arrived at the Atlanta airport and I was thrilled to see him. He came in at night which was strange because he never usually comes in at night but he had a single red rose for me like always and once I saw his smile all my questions about the strange things went away. The next day I went off to work and Shawn asked me to come home for lunch. He had been acting strange all day and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Once I got to the house for lunch he told me that we had to go to Piedmont Park because we were going to meet someone there. Again more strangeness. Shawn asked me to walk ahead and find the gazebo once we got to the park. Shawn finally caught up with me and began speaking to me and asking me questions while we were sitting in the gazebo. By the time he finished speaking I was in tears because his words were so sentimental and sweet. He then states that he has something to tell me. He said he had not been honest with me and he needed to let me know that he had been in the states for the past three days! I said but that’s impossible! I just picked you up from the airport last night….. He said O’Shea, I went to Texas to talk to your father. I had to ask his permission for your hand in marriage and he said yes. He got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful teak wood box and inside of it was the most GORGEOUS RING ! I screamed and nearly passed out and fell into the lake! Shawn caught me and I asked him “was it mine?” And he said “if you say yes, you haven’t said yes, yet!” I shook my head and said YES!

Memorable Moments:

“Shawn is a true comedian and the smiles that you see in our shoots are very real! Our photographer did not have to ask me to smile because Shawn kept me laughing the entire time. “



Secret Agents of Love:

We wanted to do something that was different and totally us! I love classic timeless beauty and movies and Shawn loves James Bond and all the Bond movies from classic to current, so our shoot played off of those things.

Wedding Prep:

“We are most looking forward to sharing our special day with our closest family and friends and solidifying our union.”

Wedding Details:

Wedding location: Piedmont Park/The Greystone Building in Atlanta, GA.

Wedding theme/inspiration: “These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things” it plays off of our favorite music to be played, favorite foods that we enjoy, favorite items and colors….All to be shared and incorporated into our wedding.

We wish O’Shea and Shawn endless love and happiness as they prepare for their journey to matrimony! Check out a complete gallery of their photos here!

Vendors: Photographer: Nadia D. Photographer/ BeautyHair by Jason Scott and Make-Up by Linda Dupree/ Location: W Atlanta Downtown/Shoot Producer: Snehal Vara with Reveology Events.
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