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Sometimes true love happens in an instant, other times finding love is a slow simmering journey. Nef and Ken met in 1997 through a mutual friend while they were both teenagers in high school. Through out the years, these two schoolmates  remained friends and never lost touch. Almost 5 years ago the two finally decided to turn their long time friendship into an actual courtship. Check out this colorful Caribbean engagement shoot captured by Lyndah Wells Photography in the Bahamas!

Bride: Nefitieri, 31, investment analyst

Groom: Kenji, 33, caterer

Place of residence: Nassau, Bahamas

Engagement Shoot Location: Harry’s Haven

Wedding date: 2/1/13

How he popped the question ( From the Bride-to-Be):

"During the Christmas holiday last year, Kenji surprised me during one of our famous movie nights at myhouse. Before the movie began, we were talking and Kenji steered the conversation toward discussing our future, how much we love each other and what we hoped to achieve together as a couple. Afterward, he disappeared for a few minutes and returned to the living room with a box and a big smile on his face. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him; needless to say, I said yes!"

What makes our love special:

"We’re soulmates. We relate to each other in a lot of ways through our life experiences. We forgive quickly and we’re constantly laughing at ourselves. I confide in Nef and never feel judged; she’s an amazing woman and I’ve watched her transform from a beautiful girl into a beautiful woman both inside and out"- Ken

"He respects me and considers my ideas and thoughts whenever we make decisions which are important in a team. We trust one another. Nothing can permeate our bond particularly because we pray together and put God before everyone and everything in all we do."- Nef


Theme for engagement shoot:

"Our theme was harmony and love. We just wanted to be ourselves. It was booked on Kenji’s birthday so we could start the day on a high. The setting was this beautiful bohemian chic home and it rained early in the morning so the trees and flowers were in full bloom by midday. Kenji looked very dapper in cool blues and vibrant greens and I wore bright spring colors that would come alive in every shot."


Check out the other fun photos from this romantic Caribbean E-session with a bonus surprise:

"We’re looking forward to celebrating with our closest family and friends and making that declaration of love and lifetime commitment. I can’t wait to see Nef walk down the aisle toward me. It’s going to be a sacred day about us dedicating our lives to one another forever."


Congratulations to Nef and Ken on their engagement and their new baby on the way! We wish you a beautiful wedding day!


Vendors: Photographer: Lyndah Wells Photography



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