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Kevin and Ashley met in 2004 while they were both in Junior High School. However, it wasn’t until senior year of high school when they joined the same church and became very interested in each other. The young couple decided to make their relationship official on May 16th, 2009.  Kevin and Ashley have maintained their relationship even while attending colleges in different states, Kevin was in Kentucky and Ashley was in OhioThe two exchanged wedding vows last month. Check out their outdoor engagement session captured by Omari Souza of JazzyMae Photography.

Bride: Ashley J. Borden, 24 CVS Health Customer Service Representative

Groom: Kevin P. Thomas, 24, Child Care Provider

Place of residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Engagement Shoot Location: Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding date: 8/6/15

Wedding location: Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding theme: Elegance

Engagement story: 

Our engagement happened on our 6th dating anniversary. That day we got dressed for dinner but made a pit stop down to the lake (which isn’t anything unusual we love to go down there just to talk and catch the sunset) but what was unusual was the fact that Kevin paid to park in a lot we wouldn’t normally enter behind the science center. We got out of the car and upon walking to the steps overlooking the lake we were greeted by just a few family members. Without hesitation Kevin got down on one knee shaking trying to get out everything he wanted to say and simply asked “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

From the Groom: Walk us through the behind the scenes of creating this special day

Well to be honest, Ashley is someone hard to surprise. So the whole day of the engagement I was sneaking around, checking the weather to make sure the day would work out perfect. Ashley and I’s perfect date spot was always Lake Erie while we were dating, so I thought it would be the perfect engagement location. As we pulled up to the lake, our families and friends were all in place for Ashley’s surprise. She didn’t suspect a thing (Thank God) and as we walked to the location she began to cry and I tried my best to recite a speech that I’d worked on for about a week and purposed to my now fiancé. 


What makes your love special?  

Our love is special simply because GOD is our center. Kevin went away to Morehead State University in Kentucky while I stayed home and went to Cleveland State University in Ohio. Yes, we have had our share of ups and downs but with 5 hours of distance between and us both trying to discover our adult selves, who wouldn’t. It wasn’t until a year or so into college that we both decided that we weren’t looking for anyone else and everything we wished for in a relationship was right in the palm of our hands. Being honest, open, trusting, working towards our ultimate relationship goal and sharing imitable spiritual backgrounds has kept us together through long distance and will sustain us through out our marriage. Having God as the center of your relationship helps you think before you speak! Pray before you make any moves because with out HIM your just moving to your own beat and possibly missing blessings. Our love is special because we both LOVE HIM FIRST!

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

We are both looking forward to finally being Husband and Wife and having our family and friends there to witness it all.


Congrats to the newlyweds Ashley and Kevin. We wish you a wonderful wedding and marriage.  


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