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Deidre and Adrian met in 2011 while attending Sunday School class at Alfred Street Baptist Church, located in Alexandria, VA. "One Sunday afternoon we attended a cookout at our Sunday School teacher’s house; and while I was playing cards, Adrian approached me and told me that he liked my bracelets. I thanked him and we chatted for a little while," recalls Deidre. It took the two a while to go out on a first date because they both had busy schedules. However, they would see each other again at a mutual friend’s house party. That night they talked all night. Not too long after seeing each other, they finally had their first date and have been together ever since.  After 4 years of dating, Deidre and Adrian celebrated their union with a "Queen City Romance," themed wedding at the Founder’s Hall in Charlotte, NC. Check out their sweet outdoor engagement session, captured by Tim Hines Photography !

Bride: Deidre Boyd, 34, Registered Nurse

Groom: Adrian Baker, 34, Project Manager

Place of residence: Charleston, SC

Engagement Shoot Location: Charlotte, NC

Wedding location: Founder’s Hall, Charlotte, NC

Wedding date: 8/8/2015

Wedding theme: Queen City Romance

Engagement story {From the Groom}:

I proposed to Deidre on May 10 2014 in Honolulu, HI. I booked a sunset dinner cruise for us with the intention of asking her on the top deck of the boat while I was down on one knee. I was so nervous. For some reason, I was convinced that she knew already and I was paranoid that she could see the ring box bulging out of my pocket. So, after we finished diner, we walked up to the top of the boat deck and I said to her “Are you ready for our life to begin?” She looked at me and I said, “Well, we don’t have to wait anymore” I pulled the ring out and I was so nervous that I forgot to get down on my knee. I was standing there with the ring in my hand waiting for an answer. She said yes, and I couldn’t have been happier!

From the Groom: Walk us through the behind the scenes of creating this special day

My decision to propose was made once I booked my company trip to Hawaii. I had gotten the approval of my boss to bring Deidre along, and I also shared with him my plan to propose. We were on the island for four days before the proposal and all my co-workers were in on the secret. They did a phenomenal job not spoiling the surprise and took us out for drinks once Deidre and I returned from the cruise.

What makes your love special?

Our love is special because we included God first. We both individually prayed for God to place someone special in our lives. So even before our relationship got serious, God was there. I think that is what makes our love so special. There wasn’t a lot of effort and we felt like we’ve known each other for years. Everything just fell into place. I’m so grateful that I’ve been blessed with some a wonderful person and will continually thank God for her for many more years.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

I’m looking forward to the celebration with our friends and family. Every person who will be attending our wedding has played some small part in the happiness that Deidre and I share. I know without a doubt that we are going to have a blast!

Have you started planning your wedding?

Our wedding planning is complete and we are currently counting down the days until our epic day!


Congrats to the newlyweds Deidre and Adrian! We wish you many more years of wedded bliss!


Photographer: Tim Hines Photography

Wedding Coordinator: SDS Events

Beauty – Make-Up: Essence Lewis

Stylist: Tracie Murphy of D’Elliott’s Studio

Curated by our Wedding Features Editor, C.K. Alexander. C.K. is the creator of the Single Bride Blog and the  owner and founder of  Love Ink and Brownstone Bridal. Keep up with C.K. on Twitter here: @Love_Ink


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