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Nicquetta and Obarine' met during their middle school years while playing at their neighborhood basketball court. "As pre-teens, we were extremely outgoing and fun to be around. However, it felt as if our personality traits would vanish at the very moment we would see each other," recalled Nicquetta.  As time passed and they matriculated into adulthood, they didn't see each other much. However, in 2009, while in Miami the former middle school friends spotted each other. "We always talk about how we believe that God purposefully orchestrated this moment just for the two us. We spoke for quite some time and officially planned our first date once we arrived back in Baltimore," saidNicquetta. The happy couple has been inseparable ever since. Check out their special day captured by Lola Snaps Photography. 

Bride: Nicquetta Dawn Osaro, 30, Healthcare business owner and college student

Groom: Obarine' Osaro, 28, Communications business owner and sales representative

Place of residence: Baltimore, Maryland

Wedding date: April 17, 2016

Wedding location: Celebrations at the Bay, Pasadena, Maryland

Wedding theme: Classic with a pop of glam

Honeymoon Destination: Cancun, Mexico


Engagement story:

Obarine' proposed on a business trip in San Jose, California on stage in front of about one thousand of his business partners. Nicquetta recorded the engagement thinking that she was doing her usual recordings of Obarine’s speeches to critique it later to help him with his public speaking. It was beautiful and will always be a memory to play forever.

From the Groom:

My wedding experience was awesome! There were many emotions that over took me in certain moments. Although there were some bumps in the road, I had a great time with family and friends. My wife was breathtaking when I first saw her walking down the aisle.

From the Bride:

Our wedding day was filled with so much love and energy from both our friends and family. Although there were some troughs (as expected), I did not allow them to hinder the vision I had for my wedding pictures. With the assistance of many of our loved ones in attendance, we were able to swiftly conquer all the unforeseen circumstances that arose. Overall, I was very anxious because it seemed like a long time coming from our time on the basketball court as middle school kids and I was just so ready to officially be his wife.

What makes your love special?

What makes our love special are challenges we faced during our relationship that should have caused us to separate, but actually brought us closer. We have come to realize that you must possess some tough skin and be determined to stick with the relationship and even when the unpleasant circumstances of life happens. We balance each other perfectly. We were amazed by how much we shared in common, but yet we were different in so many areas. Obarine' is the serious, no days off, suit and tie kind of guy. Nicquetta is the sexy, silly, dramatic, kind of lady. Both personalities together make an amazing couple.

Most memorable moment:

Seeing my husband smile. Although I had a range of emotions in me, he really made the wedding complete. He level of excitement when he saw me will forever be imprinted in my heart. My dad, who is 86 years of age, was just as equally excited which made my day. I felt so blessed to have him there with me to escort me down the aisle. Both of the leading men brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Wedding song:

Ceremony Song: India Arie- Ready for love. We just couldn't resist this song. Just practicing the graceful walk down the aisles to be with my husband and hearing those words "ready for love". It’s been a long time coming and we were ready to make it official. Giving thanks to the most high for his grace and many blessings.The first dance song: Chrisette Michele- Couple of Forever’s. That song was a dedication to Nicquetta at the very moment she listened to the lyrics. She cried thinking about the love they share. Every word was as it was so eloquently written by herself to Obarine’. Nicquetta: Our love has its highs and can be rough at times, but we know we want to be each other's forever.

Favorite wedding detail:

Favorite wedding details was our surprise second change
into our bold red attire. It was a hit for our guests along with our choice of food. The appetizers included: lamb chops, bacon wrapped scallops, lobster bisque soup and much more. The entree' included filet mignon, jumbo lump crab cake crowned with jumbo shrimp. Every bit was just amazing as the other and unforgettable.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

We are looking forward to starting our family. Nicquetta, the youngest of 5 and Obarine' the only child both made a commitment to first wed before starting a family. Now that has happened, the pressure is on.

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day: 

Nicquetta: Advice for the Bride and Groom is no matter what obstacles occur, try to remain calm knowing that your union outweighs everything that is going on. Make beauty out of everything and I promise your smile will outshine any frowns. Remember the best is yet to come. Throughout the day, I kept saying to myself, "There's nothing I will allow to steal my joy.”

Obarine': The advice I would give to future brides and grooms is to be patient with each other through the process and take time to take in all the great moments leading you to your big day.

Congrats to the happy couple Nicquetta and Obarine'. We wish you many more years of wedded bliss.


Photographer: Lola Snaps Photography

Ceremony: First charity Baptist church

Reception: Celebrations at the bay

Bridal Gown: Kitty Chen from Niko Bridal

Bridal Party Attire: Tuxedo House

Groom's tux: Jesse Singh

Cake: Catering by Uptown

Caterer: Catering by Uptown

Music: DJ 1LUV

Hair: Steven Thomas

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