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Torrie and Jason's journey to a second chance at love started in 2009 when  their mutual friend decided to play cupid and hook the two up. However, at the time Torrie had given up on love and wasn't interested in being set up at all. "I thought it was funny because after all that I had been through as a single parent of two, I wasn’t interested. I had sworn off marriage and love. I told my friend, unless Jesus Christ himself brings him to my door, I am not interested. Jason was a divorcee and single father living in Hawaii. He has two small children and I have two adult children. I just thought the whole notion was pointless," recalls Torrie.  With the help of her persistent friend,  in the spring of 2010 love would come knocking at her door.  "Jason flew in from Hawaii for vacation to see his daughter. That Sunday low and behold Jason rings my doorbell. I opened the door and I said 'let me guess, you are Jason.'  With that big beautiful smile he has he said, 'Yes indeed I am.' It felt so natural. He whisked me off to this surprise and I was so stunned that they had put this BBQ together for us to meet. A big old family blind date. My children, friends, family and Jason’s family were all there. It was such an overwhelming feeling. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease."  And just as fate would have it, Torrie and Jason have been together since the day they met. Shortly after their meeting Jason knew that he had found something special and moved from Hawaii to Florida. Check out their romantic Tuscan themed wedding, captured by Castaldo Studios.


Bride: Torrie Nicole Spatcher 43, Bail Agent/Managing General Agent

Groom: Jason Demond Woods 33, Production Supervisor, Pepsi Bottling Co.

Place of residence: Winter Garden, Fl

Wedding date: 11/30/2013

Honeymoon Destination: Europe, Paris, London, Italy



Engagement story ( From the Groom):

Two weeks before I went on vacation, we had made plans to tackle chores around the house and for me to complete a few other things on my "honey do" list. I told Torrie that we would definitely work around the house but once we were done, I was going to take her on a picnic. (I was attempting to mimic our very first winery experience in Canada where we had lunch in the vineyard). Lakeridge had everything I needed for my big day except for one thing…Ice Wine. Ice Wine is Canada's most prized possession.

Wednesday comes and I was confident and ready. Torrie had the picnic bag ready and I had to get our menu items. My menu was lite as I wanted the highlight of the evening to be the proposal. So I chose grilled chicken salads, grapes, yogurt, water, and Ice Wine. As we got closer to the venue she saw the signs for the winery and she was surprised as we had talked about visiting the place for months.

We walked out to the stage just in front of their vineyard. I unpacked the bags and set up our lunch. I lit candles and laid out a nice spread. We ate, took a few pictures and had a nice conversation. It was now about 5:30 p.m. and the sun was beginning to set. I was starting to get a little nervous because the big question was coming. I surreptitiously set the camera up on record and faced it towards her. I got the ice wine from the bag to pour us a drink. She really liked it and thought it was a nice addition to our day but she was wondering why we would have ice wine at a simple picnic. I raised a toast to Torrie and confessed my love to her. I then told her that the picnic at sunset in the vineyard and the ice wine was an appetizer to our evening. I then got the ring box from the picnic bag and got down on one knee just one step below where she was sitting. My next sentence was the famous line "Will you marry me".   She rested her hand over her heart, took a deep sigh and said you are going to make my heart stop beating. She said YES and I told her don’t stop beating yet, there is more to come.

From the Bride: 

I felt confirmation. I felt like God opened the tight and protected hand and showed me my past and that he has been with me the entire time. I felt like our future together was a fairytale come to life. I felt so loved and warm. My standards for a mate were so high, I gave up. I truly believed that a man like Jason was already married or did not exist. Just to have someone to love you beyond any fear or pain we both have ever had was just the most satisfying feeling. We opted for First Look Photos that was the best thing ever. Just to see him before the wedding and have tender moments together and a playful flirt before the ceremony was great.

From the Groom ( Most Memorable moment):

The first was me seeing my bride before the wedding at our “first look.” She looked astounding! With my eyes closed tightly and my hands barring me from a sneak peak, I could hear the train of her dress coming closer to me. Normally cool and collected, I was surprised to be nervous and anxious at the anticipation of seeing her (even more nervous than our first date). With the sweet smell of her perfume just feet away and in front of me, I grinned (or CHEESED in this moment) with a smile of excitement. I open my eyes and there she stood. I was amazed to see such a beautiful woman in my presence, which I knew in hours, would be my wife. She had on a beautiful ivory dress decorated in diamonds behind a bouquet to match. Her hair and make-up were flawless. I almost cried when she looked at me and smiled. I told her how beautiful she was and kissed her on the lips ever so gently. My other most memorable moment was when our daughter read her “Letter to My Daddy”. We stood in the archway under the watchful eye of our guests and setting sun as she poured her sweet little seven year old heart out to a wowed cried about her feelings towards me and my new wife. I instantly knew in that moment that all the work I had put in as a single co-parent and the collective efforts from my bride and I as new parents had paid off. Harlie read with such passion and conviction that the entire audience was in awe and tears!

Favorite Detail (Torrie):

Without a doubt the dancing Angels and stilt Angel. They brought my father’s presence so real for me.

Favorite Detail (Jason): 

First look time together, the Angels, but my 6 year old daughters letter to me, touched my heart.


What makes your love special?

We truly believe that God started his work on the two of us some years prior to us meeting. God made sure that the ample times we should have met or at least knew each other never happened.  There were plenty of opportunities for us to meet but we just have never met. In conversations now we realize we have been at the same family functions. He has an Uncle married to my Aunt. I have known his brother and sister for over 20 years. I knew his Grandmother, Aunts and uncles but had never met his mom. We were at the same wedding in 2004. What we know is that God was preparing him for me and me for him. At the time all of these encounters have happened we both had bitter hearts. We both were in relationships, or leaving relationships that would not have made a happy union. By the time we met we both were so free of pain and so free to learn and grow spiritually. We both took a chance on each other and now know that our chance meeting was a once in a lifetime chance meeting.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

We are looking forward to living the favor and grace we received and that God has shown the both of us.

We are looking forward to watching the young children grow and the other children succeed in their careers, life and families. For us, we are enjoying the peace that we both deserve receiving from each other. We know without a doubt this union is blessed and that our journey is full of love.

Congratulations to newlyweds Torrie and Jason! We wish you many more years of wedded bliss!




Photographer :

Castaldo Studios


Ceremony & Reception Location: 

 The Club At Bella Collina


Bridal gown:

David Tutera Mon Cheri’ at Carolyn Allen’s Bridal


Bridal party attire:

The White Closet


Groom’s tux:


Men’s Wearhouse


The Dessy Group



Annette’s Cakes



Diamond Party Confetti



DJ Michael Paul



Stephaney DeCosta




Looks Of Vanity, Lynn Austin

[email protected]



Julie Jennaro



 My Big Day Designs


Other :

Carol Cudjoe

Nulook Performing Arts



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