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There is nothing more romantic than throwing caution to the wind and taking the big plunge into holy matrimony with the man of your dreams. However, when it comes to taking the plunge into a body of water while wearing your wedding dress, that’s a different story! While some brides aren’t keen on the idea of ruining their expensive gowns, other courageous and carefree brides have fully embraced “Trashing the Dress!” Trash The Dress is a term used for a photo session that involves getting your dress wet. Although, the idea may seem a little daunting to some brides, the pictures you get from this fun filled experience are priceless! The lovely couple Kimberley and Evon, chose to “Trash the Dress” at their “Day After” wedding shoot with the help of Shang Chen Photography!

Before you say “I Won’t” to the idea of trashing your dress, check out some tips from Kimberley, the bride that did it in style and her photographer Shang Chen!

Bride’s full name: Kimberley Ennis, 29, Nurse Practitioner

Groom’s full name: Evon Donaldson, 30, Associate Scientist

Location: Grand Palladium Resort and Spa, Lucea, Jamaica

Wedding Date: 8/20/11

From the Photographer: What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

“When a once-in-lifetime opportunity to get married in Jamaica comes along, you want to make the most of it. I always recommend to all of my destination wedding couples to add a day-after session to their wedding, because your wedding day can go so quickly, it might be tough to get in some more unusual photos, especially in scenic locales. I knew that I wanted to include the ocean and the sky as well as the warmth and burst of colors that make Jamaica so unique. I scouted out the location two days before when we passed the town on our way to rehearsal dinner.”

From the Bride:

“We choose to do a trash the dress session because we didn’t just want the traditional photos we wanted something unique. We flew to Jamaica to get married on the beach so why not take advantage of it. I was not nervous about destroying the dress because I knew it would have just stayed in my closet and collect dust, so why not have fun and do a trash the dress session. I’m an adventurous person who loved new and unique things so when Evon suggested for us to do a trash the dress it was a quick and easy decision.”

From the Photographer: What do you like best about trash the dress shoots?

“I don’t necessarily call them “trash the dress” because I don’t burn or tear up the dress, I guess it’s more akin to rocking the dress. I really like how they give you the luxury of unlimited time that is hard to come by on the wedding day. I also like doing them after the wedding when the pressure of having the wedding is now over and the bride and groom are just having fun.”

From the Bride:What is your advice for other brides that want to trash the dress?

“I would recommend any bride that has the chance to do a trash the dress session to jump at the opportunity. It is fun and will allow you to let go after your wedding and have fun with each other with no worries about the dress, hair and make-up. It allows you again to see what’s important about the wedding which is you and your partner not the dress, jewelry and make up, just two people in-love having fun.”

From the Photographer: How should couple prepare for a Trash The Dress session?

“Have fun and don’t worry about what will happen to the dress – expert dry cleaning can get most of it out. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and be as creative as you can be. At the end of the day, be yourselves and celebrate your love for each other, as that is the most beautiful thing in the world!”

So now that you’ve heard the inside scoop from a bride and a professional photographer, would you do a “Trash the Dress” wedding photo shoot?

Check out more photos from Kimberley and Evon’s “Day After” wedding shoot here!

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