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We love weddings that are infused with personal style and unique details. For Angel and Reginald, their nuptials were all about fashion and music. "We wanted the wedding to be true to who we are as individuals and those are two things that we initially connected over," said Angel. Check out their 50's inspired, vintage themed wedding at Events on Third in the Historic Printer’s Alley of Nashville, TN. Every special moment was beautifully captured by Stephanie Saujon of La Photographie! Find out how these two love birds met and see more from their wedding day below.

Bride: Angel (Sherrill) Coopwood, 32, Clinical Trials Manager

Groom: Reginald Coopwood, II, 29, Patient Access Supervisor

Place of residence: Nashville, TN

Wedding date: 5/25/14

Honeymoon Destination: South America – Brazil and Argentina

How they met:

His Story:

How did I meet Angel? In 2010, I was working at a retail store, Phatkaps. Angel was working an event held there and I noticed her. I remember asking other staff members “who is that girl???” That night, I took to twitter (of course that’s the only place someone would look these days) hoping to find her page. I found her page but it was private so I had to wait for her to approve my request. She IMMEDIATELY (I think) accepted my request and at that point I knew she was feeling me (man logic!). At the time she was in a relationship, so she rarely tweeted. A couple months later, I noticed an increase in her twitter activity (I know this sounds “creepish”), and I seized my opportunity hoping that she was now single. Later on, she threw a party with some friends and she invited me “personally”. I asked for her number so that I could “ask for directions” (player move) and once again I knew I had her. From there, after a few phone calls that lasted into the night and ENDLESS instant message chats, I eventually got her to go on a date. We were in a relationship for about two years when I asked her to be my wife.

Her Story:

I met Reggie during early 2010. I was at a shindig assisting my then boyfriend when Reggie approached me and started talking. Like most women in relationships, I had my blinders on and hardly looked up as he was speaking. During the course of the afternoon he asked for my twitter handle. I told him the name knowing that, at the time, I rarely tweeted. Over the next few months, whenever I logged on to twitter he would always say hello or make a clever comment to me. I was no longer in a relationship at this time, but school had taken precedent so his advances still went unnoticed. Around this time, my friends and I would throw parties. Reggie asked if he could come to one of our parties and I told him that he could. The night of the party, he and his friend R.J. showed up as everyone was leaving. I was cleaning up and making small talk when we figured out that we both worked in the same industry. This revelation sparked more conversation and for the first time I looked at him a bit different. From that day forward we started talking via instant message almost every night. One day while studying for finals he brought a cup of coffee to the library. I was quite flattered. Not only was he a sweetheart, but he was as weird and quirky as myself. Through our continued conversations we found that not only did we have similar tastes in music and fashion, but we also had similar goals. I had to forgive the fact that he was a Titans fan. No one is perfect (lol). On January 1, 2011 we became “official” and I gained a best friend. Two years later he asked me to be his wife and, of course, I accepted.

Engagement story :

I remembered that Angel loves the outdoors and exploring so I picked a day to visit Fall Creek Falls in Pikeville, TN. On the day that we were supposed to make the trip, rain started coming down pretty heavily. Of course Angel started to complain about not wanting to go anymore, but I was determined to make this happen no matter what. I called my father to explain the weather situation, and he said, “MAKE HER GO!” About halfway through the trip, the sun came completely out. It was so hard not to point and laugh and say “I told you so” after being chastised for making this trip. We finally make it to the waterfalls, and I am wracking my brain trying to find the perfect place. We get down to the bottom of the falls to find the perfect location, and of course another couple is there stealing my shine with an entire setup. So we began our trek back up the trail and I ask her to sit down and take a break. I then reached in my backpack, got on one knee, and asked her to be my wife. Here we are today.

Your best & most memorable moment:

The vows! We each wrote our own vows and did not share with each other until the wedding day. It was perfect how they wound up mirroring each other without us even knowing.

Wedding Style:

When we told our family and bridal party about our ideas for the clothing most people gave us very hesitant responses. We received lots of “Are you sure?” and “If that’s what you like” responses. At first, the feedback made us somewhat hesitant in our vision, but we are glad we stuck with it.

From the Groom:

On the morning of the wedding, I was very stressed and anxious because I was up early running errands alone with nothing to take my mind off of the big day. I wanted everything to go smoothly for my wife. I picked up her mother and we laughed all the way to the venue. I instantly felt better. Luckily, I have a good close group of friends. We laughed and joked all the way up until the ceremony. Our photographer suggested that we do a “first look” so that we could see each other before the ceremony. Best idea ever. I smiled from ear to ear when I saw my wife. From then on, I was cool (excluding the vows ). Everything went well. Food was good. Music was awesome. Drinks flowed. People danced. It was an amazing day.

From the Bride:

The wedding was a whirlwind. When people told me that in the past I didn’t believe it. From the moment I woke up that morning I felt so many emotions- anxious, nervous, excitement, joy, etc. I didn’t know how to act. Luckily my bridal party was absolutely amazing in keeping me together. When he read his vows, however, all of those feelings culminated and I broke out in tears. Everything that we have been working towards in preparing for the wedding- the stress, the anxieties, etc. all came out in those tears. The remainder of the day was spent eating and enjoying time with our families and friends for the first time in one place.

 What makes your love special?

Our love is very organic. It developed slowly over time based on a sincere friendship and common interests. We truly mirror each other in so many ways, but are also opposite in so many others. Some of our most fun moments have been around the house, listening to music, and cooking for each other.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Continuing to do what we love most- hanging out. Whether it is at concerts, restaurants, or traveling we have the most fun when the other person is around because we both aren’t afraid to try new things together.


Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day:

Take time to enjoy at least a couple moments together. Time flies by so fast and everyone is vying for your attention. Steal a moment together even if it means sneaking into another room.


Congratulations to newlyweds Angel and Reginald! We wish you many more years of wedded bliss!



Stephanie Saujon

Ceremony & reception location :

Events on Third

Bridal gown:

Vintage from 1954.

Purchased from a woman who was selling her grandmother’s dress.

Bridal party attire:

Bridesmaids –

Groomsmen – J. Crew –

Groom’s tux:

Suit – Jos A. Banks

Tailoring – Stitch-It and Co.

Cake :

Homestyle Bakery

Caterer :

YourChef Catering – Jason Williams

Wedding planners:

Nieya Wallace


Maestro Lightford

Hair and makeup:

Twjana Echols, Lace’Lae Hair Salon 

[email protected]


Brittany Pope –

[email protected]



Invitations and website – George Midgett –[email protected]

Wedding Programs – Eddie Patton [email protected]

Curated by our Wedding Features Editor, C.K. Alexander. C.K. is the owner and founder of  Love Ink and Brownstone Bridal. Keep up with C.K. on Twitter here: @Love_Ink



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