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For the past couple of weeks, the BlackBride team and I have been obsessed with the couple from the “Best Wedding Video Ever”, wedding trailer, that has fast become a hit on Youtube with over 300,000 views. I was first introduced to this video by a friend who posted the link on my Facebook wall, with a note that said “You must watch this video!!” After watching the video for the first time I finally understood the urgency of my friend’s message. This was by far the best wedding trailer that I’ve ever seen. Best of all, it included a beautiful Black couple that I could relate to. From that moment, I began seeing this wedding trailer everywhere and I shamelessly watched each time to see this fairytale wedding unfold again and again. I wanted to know who this couple was. How did they meet? Where do they live? What do they do? My curiosity led to a series of emails that finally brought me to the couple in the video. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my curiosity would lead me out of the country, miles away to tell the love story of a Nigerian super star and her successful CEO husband! Check out my interview with the lovely Stephanie Okereke, Nigerian Nollywood actress and wife of Linus Idahosa, CEO of Del-York International.

Bride’s full name: Stephanie Okereke, Award winning Actress, film director and model.

Groom’s full name: Linus Idahosa, Media consultant and representative of The New York Film Academy in Nigeria.

Location: Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, Paris, France.

Honeymoon Destination: South of France

Wedding date: 4/21/12

How did you meet?

We met in 2009 at a social event.

How did you know that he was the one?

I think it’s just something you know. There is always that conviction within you. We connected deeply when we met and my husband was quite upfront on what he wanted. He said to me “I want to be exclusive with you and if we have to make this work we have to commit to it completely.” Through friendship we connected, and it grew into love. That love is grounded in God’s truth and it makes everything new and perfect.

Tell us about the proposal?

He proposed on my birthday. It was special. Right in front of everyone – family and friends, he asked me to marry him.

How did you go about choosing your wedding location? Is Paris special to you and your husband?

We had a lovely experience on one of our trips to Paris and there we made up our minds that this is the place we were going to wed. As you know, Paris symbolizes romance and all the butterflies! We wanted something exotic, something reminiscent of passion and love. It had to be Paris!

What is the best part about being married now?

Companionship is a beautiful thing. Human beings are created to inter-relate. When you find that true friend whom you wish to spend all your days with, it’s a blessing. Marriage completes you in a way. There’s someone to share your joy and struggles, understands your shortcomings and love you regardless.

Is it difficult being married to someone who is always traveling?

Our schedules are almost similar so I can relate to it very well. As long as you stay in touch and appreciate your work schedules and are able to work around it, there’s no difficulty at all.

How do you find the time to make your marriage work with both of your busy schedules?

You just make out the time. Love demands time, so you make out the time. And when you are in love you realize that (that) time will come. You don’t have to force it; you’ll just work out a schedule that always includes your partner.

How did tradition play a role in your wedding ceremony?

As Nigerians, there’s the traditional wedding where we follow the traditional rites and adhere to culture and celebrate in the true Nigerian way that interprets our true identity as Africans. Nigeria has a rich culture. Our music, our movies, our lifestyle encapsulates our interest and love for our culture. So we did have that touch in the wedding, the ceremony might have been held in Paris, but it was truly a Nigerian ceremony.

Did you expect your wedding video to be this popular in Africa and internationally?

Not really. We just wanted a memorable wedding for posterity. And we are happy that it inspired a lot of people.

What’s the best advice that you have received about marriage?

Live for the other person. If that is reciprocated then it’ll be a selfless and lasting relationship.

What was your Wedding theme/inspiration?

Our wedding theme and inspiration was to have a Royal fairytale wedding with a combination of an African and Parisian feel.

What was your best wedding moment?

Our vow to each other, walking out of the church as husband and wife, our first dance and then the amazing fireworks, that was magical!

Closing thoughts from the bride:

Our wedding was the way we planned it. A day that we’ll look back to and be grateful for. We went the whole nine-yards to achieve what we wanted. It’s a trait that we apply to the marriage- no short cuts, no cutting corners, go the whole mile and perfect your love for each other.

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Photo courtesy of OK! Nigeria

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