Sophisticated Chicago Mansion Wedding

Dionne and LeRon met during college in 2005 at the University of Missouri-Rolla, now known as Missouri S&T. It was in the Havner center where they first crossed paths, which wasn’t unusual since it was the most popular place on campus for lunch. Dionne had attended the school for a year while LeRon was a transfer from Chicago State. Often, Dionne would see him in the Havner center, and he would be staring her down, literally! Finally, one-day the pair attended a mutual friend’s party and exchanged information. They hung out once, and talked on the phone a few times, but didn’t really hit it off at that time. They went their separate ways, and kept in touch here and there over the years, but were nothing other than friends. Fast forward eight years to August of 2013, Dionne attended a wedding LeRon was also at; both were without a date. As the wedding night went on and everyone started mingling, Dionne remembers LeRon coming to the open seat next to her and asking, “Is anyone seating here?” She replied, “You are now.” They chatted a little, had a few drinks and found themselves on the dance floor. As they were dancing, LeRon whispered in Dionne’s ear, “I just need one chance,” and the rest is history. On April 30, 2016 he proposed and July 1, 2017, they said “I do.” Get a peek at that special day, captured by Dare2B Productions.

Bride’s full name, age, and occupation: Dionne Noel Beck, 34, Engineer

Groom’s full name, age, and occupation: LeRon Beck, 34, Engineer

Photography: Dare2B Productions

Place of residence: Richmond, Texas

Wedding date: July 1, 2017

Wedding location: Stan Mansion, Chicago, Illinois

Wedding theme: King and Queen 

Engagement story: 

It was on our son’s first birthday party. We had planned his party, and everything was set, and LeRon told me he planned a family “photo shoot” after the party. So, the party wrapped up and we headed to the park to meet the photographer. We arrive, and we start going to different spots and taking pictures. As we started getting to the next photo spot, LeRon starts talking and reciting the episode from my favorite TV sitcom “Martin,” when he proposed to his on-screen girlfriend, Gina. As soon as he started talking, I knew then what was about to happen! He tried to play it off, but I knew. Not only because I recognized the episode, but he was sweating bullets because he was nervous! But I love him and appreciate him for stepping out of his comfort zone to make me happy. He really planned this all out, had props and even actors! It was awesome and well thought out. As we wrap up this photo shoot we were in, we got to our final location, and he does a fake proposal with a ring pop! Ha, ha, funny! He stands up and turns me around and there I see a bunch of my friends and family standing behind me with a singer singing our song, Jesse Powell’s, “You.” And yes, you guessed it, I cried. As the singer finished the song, LeRon got back down on his knee and asked me to marry him, this time with the real ring, and the ring was gorgeous! Obviously, I said, yes! 

What makes your love special? 

The bond we share as friends first, the commitment we vowed to and the love we have for our three children. 

From the Bride: 

It was Breath taking!!! I hate the day /night had to end. It all went just too fast. I was determined to not let nothing, or no one ruin that day. I purposely wore a shirt that stated, “Not today Satan”, because I was not having it! I never really got nervous though like I thought, honestly, I was more excited because the day had come! All the planning, and many headaches (yes, headaches of fussing with my husband about flowers, pictures, Invitation, the DJ, etc.) was now all behind us and we could enjoy the challenging work of planning.

From the Groom:

I felt a little nervous. I was worried about the day going perfect for my bride. There were things such as, me leaving one of the groom’s pair of shoes in Texas, going wrong. I’m saying to myself “please don’t make this worst.” Fortunately, my groomsmen were there to help calm my nerves. One of my groomsmen stated that he thinks “I’m a bigger groom-zilla than my wife being a bridezilla.” However, once I put on my suit and got to the venue, I was excited to see how this year long process unfolded. 

Your most memorable moment: 

Bride: Opening the doors right before walking down the aisle, I remember my heart skipping a beat, and at that moment, I said to myself as I stood there with my arms around my father… “My dream has come true”. As I began walking down the aisle, I held my tears and I was calm, then, I looked up and I saw my husband and son standing and waiting on me; it was in that moment, the tears started to fall! 

Groom: My most memorable moment was our first dance. We re-enacted the last dirty dancing scene as our first dance. We spent hours and months practicing. This dance not only gave us time to spent together accomplishing a goal together, but it also brought family closer together. We had everyone involved. Our bridal party and family did the group dance scene in dirty dancing. We as a family bonded during this time. 

Wedding song: 

Our song was Jennifer Hudson’s “Giving myself.” We chose this song because, we now have made the choice to give ourselves, our love, and our commitment, to the one each other. From the moment we heard that song, we knew that would be the song we’d walk down the aisle to. I never liked the traditional, “Here comes the bride song,” can we say boring and lack of meaning, other than tradition.

Favorite wedding detail: 

The decorations… from the drapes, lighting, and flowers — it was all beautiful! Next would be our invitations. We sent scrolls as our wedding invitations! It was pretty unique. 

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? 

Being a family. Growing together, creating unconditional love and memories between husband and wife and living through the love that grows stronger for each other every day. Raising our kids together and showing them what a family looks and feels like.

Advice for a Bride and Groom on their wedding day: 

Things will happen, something will go wrong no matter how perfect you have planned it to be; so when it happens, stay calm, work through it, but never let it ruin your moment!

Please feel free to include any other interesting anecdotes from your big day! 

A big hit from our wedding day, was at our reception for our first dance. My husband and I reenacted the last dance scene from the 1987 film, “Dirty Dancing” starring, the late Patrick Swayze (Johnnie), and Jennifer Grey (Baby), to “Time of my Life.” My all-time favorite movie! It was a success, we had all the details. The exact outfit they wore, we took the album cover picture and had it standing at the entrance of the venue, (no one knew what it meant though except us and our wedding party). Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were our back up dancers! Everyone loved it, and yes, I flew in the air and he caught me! 

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish you many years of wedded bliss!


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