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If there was any time to experiment with your nails, summer would be the perfect season.  Questioning what color, design, type, or hue?  Check out our five nail options below to consider when picking that perfect hue for summer worthy nails.


Summer Nail Inspiration:

  1. OPI Gel Nail Polish

This two-step, but quick process is sure to bring long-lasting color and a smooth finish to your nails.  A range from brights to classics, the results are quite amazing.  First, apply OPI gel nail color to groomed nails and then apply gel coat. Cure immediately after application following correct hand placement and cure times for OPI LED Light and AXXIUM UV Light.


  1. Cyndy Lux Nail Polish

          Guaranteed and proven to last at least 7 days, without signs of chipping.  This polish has a wide variety of colors-Great for those who like to wear colors a little longer, and then switch up! Paint nails as normal, apply a top coat, dry as normal, and enjoy a long-lasting finish.


  1. Dior Nail Glow

          A nail polish that’s both quick and easy to apply for those on the go and want great looking nails, minus the bright hue of color.  A bit pricey, but well worth it because it’s a universal shade that gives nails a healthy glowing appearance.  Add two or three quick strokes before heading out and watch the natural pink color reveal a robust tint.  Trust us, this one is great for your purse or makeup bag.


  1. Revlon Nail Art

          Can we say both creative and fun?   Revlon brings dual sided nail polish perfect for designs and creating original color patterns on your nails.  This is a cool way to switch up your nails for the summer without breaking the bank.  Go ahead, be different, purchase a few, and practice your inner freelancing nail art skills!


  1. Marc Jacobs & Essie Nail Polish

 There are always factors that influence that perfect nail color or design.  Whether you are choosing a color for your wedding day, date night, picnic, night out, or just overall day to day wear, both Marc Jacobs and Essie have a range of colors and you won’t be disappointed.

Essie, known for its themed collections (HINT:  Bridal 2015) will help you narrow done whether you want, bright, matte, shimmery, pastel, nude, or even darker hues.  Also, Marc Jacobs, new to the land of nail lacquer, brings a variety of hi- shine colors to the nail polish game with limited edition hues from creamy to glitter.


What are some of your favorite nail colors for summer?  We would love to hear some of your suggestions on color patterns and schemes.



Carla Cumbo is a beauty and lifestyle blogger.  Carla’s desires to write combined with a love for makeup, beauty products, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have led her to blog and provide product reviews.

Carla is originally from Hampton Roads, VA and currently lives in the Washington, DC area.  She has guest blogged, writes, and made appearances where she provides updates on the latest looks in makeup, skincare, and daily living.  Carla is about all things Beauty, both inside and out.  Her tips and beauty advice can be found on Lavishlife Blog.


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