Start A Workout Regime – Sweat It Out Together! –

Does the very thought of the gym make you cringe?

Are you among the 70% of women trying to lose weight before your wedding?

Are you looking for additional motivation to go to the gym?

Here's an idea…ask your significant other to go with you!

Women often assume the responsibility of helping their men eat better and pay close attention to their weight, exercise habits and doctors appointments. Asking your honey to accompany you to the gym, will knock out quite a few birds all at once:

1. You are getting the exercise you need to slip into your wedding dress with ease and look great on your honeymoon.

2. You are making sure the person you care about most is getting in shape and preparing to lead a healthier lifestyle.

3. You will both relieve a lot of the stress associated with planning a wedding (as well as anything from dealing with work or family).

4. Your energy levels will rise…and who couldn't use more energy!

5. You will both benefit from better body confidence.

6. Exercise works wonders for your libido (whether you're active or waiting for the honeymoon, it can only get better).

Have you ever seen a couple working out in the gym together or out for a jog? Pay attention to the way they look at one another, help each other out and motivate each other…now imagine what that looks like when other people aren't watching (steamy!).

One study suggests that 94% of couples who start a workout regime together are more likely to stick with it. The one person you want to look good for is there to motivate you, try new activities with you and see the results first hand. It's a win-win situation!

There will be days that you still do not want to go to the gym, but if they are excited and urge you to push through, most likely you will step foot into the gym, have a great workout, and leave feeling energized. As long as one person in the relationship is ready on any given day, you will both look and feel amazing on your wedding day…and beyond!

Do you have a workout partner?

Have you ever asked your significant other to come with you to workout? Or vice versa?

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