The World’s First ALL Diamond Ring – Black Bride

Talk about bling! This ring takes the term bling to a whole new level. Would you wear this ring everyday? You would need to have armed guards with you everywhere you go.

Would wearing a ring valued at $68 million cause you stress or bliss? The ring was made by Swiss luxury jeweler’s Shawish.

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The “worlds first ALL diamond ring” reminds me of a piece Elizabeth Taylor would have owned. Her dazzling jewelry collection, was worth an estimated $30 million. Do you remember the ”The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond,” an asscher-cut, 33.19 carat diamond set in a platinum ring, given to Taylor by Richard Burton and estimated at $2.5 million-$3.5 million? People will always admire her, and Richard Burton for giving her such an awesome piece. The carat weight alone, is something to gasp about, and the design certainly has a WOW factor.

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