Traditional Texas-New Orleans Wedding

Courtnee and Broc met in 2009 at the Panola Junior College gymnasium. Courtnee had played for the volleyball team and Broc played for the basketball team. For eight years, this happy couple has been together. In spring 2017, Courtnee and Broc tied the knot at the Villa Di Felicita in Tyler, Texas. Check out their special day, captured by Photography By Gema.

Bride: Courtnee Rachelle Davis-Wills, 26, U.S. Postal Carrier

Groom: Broc  Sheldon Wills, 27, U.S. Postal Carrier

Place of residence: Mckinney, Texas

Wedding date: May 26, 2017

Wedding location: Villa Di Felicita, Tyler, Texas

Wedding theme: New Orleans/Texas Traditional

Honeymoon Destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Engagement story:  

Broc proposed on the same day that he graduated from college. The family had a big graduation dinner at his New Orleans home, where he and I led the family in prayer. Afterwards, he turned to me, kneeled down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. We always said we wanted to get married when we were finished with school, but I had no idea he would do it like that!  It was very sweet that he wanted to make his graduation day about us. 

From the Bride: 

The big day started off great! I arrived at the venue around 11:30 a.m. and began to put together the last of the decorations in the reception room. Then I began hair and makeup. As I waited for my bridesmaids to get ready, we had a lot of fun taking pictures and opening gifts. My mother and aunt helped me into my dress, and that was quite emotional for me. Here I am, the little tomboy from east Texas in the most beautiful dress I could imagine, about to walk down to the man of my dreams. Honestly, I wasn’t nervous at all until a few hours prior to the ceremony. We had a few mishaps during the process, like missing petals for the flower girls, and some of the wedding party arrived late,  but we were able to pull it together just in time.  Once it was time to start walking down the aisle, everything went by so fast! Before we knew it, we were cutting the cake, then exiting the venue doors as husband and wife with everyone holding sparklers.

From the Groom:

I woke that morning feeling more anxious than nervous. I was ready to take this step in life with my family by my side. I put my suit on, and took pre-wedding pictures with my family and friends. Before I knew it, my future wife was walking down the aisle to me and my eyes filled with tears of joy. After the ceremony, it seemed like everything sped up. One minute we were making toasts, then the next minute we were making our grand exit. Overall, the wedding was a success.  

Your most memorable moment: 

The most memorable moment from our wedding was the ceremony itself, as well as the the moment when everyone made their toasts to us and our future. 

Wedding song: 

Our wedding song was “This is Why I Love You” by Major. We owe this one to the father of the bride. He introduced us to the song a few months prior to the wedding and we knew without question that it was the one for us. This song was perfect! Every line expressed how we feel as a couple. 

Favorite wedding detail:  

Our memory table was our favorite wedding detail. We enjoyed being able to dedicate an area in our wedding to our loved ones spiritually who couldn’t be there with us. 

What makes your love special? 

Our love is special because we share similar values in life and we both value honesty, love and respect. 

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? 

We look forward to owning our own home one day and raising a family. 

Advice for a Bride and Groom on their wedding day: 

Our advice to a future bride and groom is to take time to enjoy the process leading up to your big day because it’s over before you know it. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds! We wish you many years of wedded bliss.


Photography B
y Gema
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