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Whether you’re married, dating, or just having a little fun, you and your partner are probably due for a well-deserved escape. This is especially true if you’re not a fan of fall-winter chill. That’s why we recommend Kouple Karma, a floating retreat that aims to encourage healthy relationships in beautiful and intimate locales. Starting November 29, 2018, Kouple Karma will host their first-ever Living the Vows Retreat on the famous island of Kauai, Hawaii — you know, the lusciously green island with breathtaking blooms you might’ve seen in Disney’s 2002 classic “Lilo & Stitch.”

This luxurious trip will span six days and five nights, which means you’ll really get to cultivate your love with once in a lifetime experience. Trust us, reconnecting has never been so easy! Couples that attend this iteration of Living the Vows will get to stay at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort And Spa. At a glance, Grand Hyatt offers an abundance of things to do in Kauai, including a variety of water and land sports — from championship golf, hiking, and mountain biking to scuba diving, and dancing at a traditional Luau. 

What is Kouple Karma?

in their own words, “Kouple Karma is a way of living by creating experiences where couples can do good with each other. By incorporating ‘giving back’ as part of your lifestyle and your relationship you not only become connected with each other, you become a stronger, healthier, more present as a couple.” 

What can I expect on my Kouple Karma retreat?

Day 1: Arrival

Touchdown from your flight at Kauai’s Lihue Airport and be welcomed by the Aloha State. Guests are greeted at the airport and brought to the hotel for check-in. Once you’ve gotten settled and have explored the resort some, you’ll return to your room and pick out your best attire for Kouple Karma’s welcome dinner!

Day 2: Sickness and Health

The Kouple Karma: Living the Vows Retreat naturally follows those sacred promises said in a marriage ceremony. As such, each day will focus on a specific area — with day two being all about healthy living. You’ll go back to basics by focusing on how mother nature and your connection support your relationship, which will be achieved by visiting a local farm and growing fresh produce. Alternatively, guests can volunteer at a nursing home or hospice and visit individuals who do not have their health, which provides a different perspective on health and happiness. 

Day 3: Richer or Poorer

This day emphasizes the importance of familial connections regardless of income. Millions of couples want to have kids, whether they want to have one of their own or choose to adopt, Kouple Karma aims to show you how to experience the value of wealth through a child’s eyes. You’ll spend the day giving back to local orphanages and foster centers where you can teach, read, paint, encourage imagination and directly impact the lives of these loving children. By volunteering in these facilities you will learn what true wealth means and appreciate the moments where you succeed in life with your partner. 

Day 4: ‘Till Death Do Us Part

Despite the semi-morbid title, this day drives home the value of time and being present. Through a series of exercises, you’ll learn how to become an active participant in your life, take hold the future and live in a fulfilled and complete state of gratitude. Kouple Karma will take you to a local hospice where you will spend time with patients, read to them, play games and learn from them. Be prepared to meet patients who will share incredible insight into life, marriage and reinforce how to be “present in the now.”

Day 5: Leisure + Farewell Dinner

Get a dose of freedom with a leisure day that allows you to take on an activity sponsored by Kouple Karma. Later in the evening, you’ll join the Kouple Karma team for a farewell dinner full of delicious Hawaiian cuisine, music, and dancing. 

Day 6: Departure

Finally, on your last day, you’ll get to enjoy a farewell breakfast followed by checkout from the hotel. Don’t forget to say goodbye to all the wonderful new friends you made on this journey!

What’s included if I go on a Kouple Karma Retreat?

The Hotel

Kouple Karma includes 5-star accommodations into our prices so you don’t have to worry about where you will be staying after a long, fun day out in the sun. The retreat is designed to offer a safe, private environment where couples can immerse themselves in new experiences without being disturbed. All the hotel’s amenities are included with your stay. All gratuities to retreat, hotel and excursion staff are included, as well as all applicable taxes.

Food & Beverage

Breakfast and lunch will be exclusively catered by the host venue. Kouple Karma selects only the best ingredients and curates a menu based on the theme of each day. Bottled water, juice and healthy snacks will be provided at all activities. If you have any dietary restrictions, please alert the staff at Kouple Karma when you complete their online request form. Sessions will end by 6:00 p.m. so couples can enjoy dinner at their own pace.


Transportation will be coordinated ahead of time-based on flight information provided. The retreat fees include transportation to and from the hotel and local airport as well as all retreat activities. 


All Kouple Karma activities, including daily meditation, volunteer work, wellness discussions, speaking engagements, private marriage counseling, activity day, and themed events are included in the cost of the retreat.

Too long, didn’t read?

  • Hotel: 5-star accommodations in Kauai, Hawaii

  • Transportation: All transportation to and from Kauai local airport and activities

  • Food & Beverage: Breakfast, lunch and two dinners, non-alcoholic beverages

  • Activities: Wellness/volunteer activities as noted in itinerary

  • Alcohol: No alcohol is served

  • Dinner: Three dinners will not be provided for

Pay it forward and invite your friends — as a reward for making a difference in their lives, you’ll receive money back for
each couple that joins the retreat through you. After five couples, your retreat is free!

To register for the Kouple Karma: Living the Vows Retreat, click here! The next retreat is scheduled for February 12 to 18, 2019. Don’t think you can make it? Let us know how you feel about altruistic couple getaways in the comments below.


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