What kind of Fireworks will you have in Marriage? –

4th of July is a time of celebration for many. People often gather with friends and family, pull out the Grill, patio furniture and before you know it, the games begin. As you prepare for 4th of July, what kind of fireworks will you have in your marriage?


1) Will you have the fireworks that set off alarms because every time you see each other your heart races? When you hear each other's voice it brightens up your day? You can't wait for the other person to get home so you can call them?

2) The fireworks have already started each time you discuss money. The money discussion causes you to turn into an argumentative person. You don't necessarily know how you get here each time you start the money talk, so you'd rather avoid the topic altogether. This has caused you to not like fireworks.

3) 4th of July is about Independence and you've vowed not to get lost in your marriage. You have seen some of your friends lose themself and you don't like who they've become. You want to keep some level of independence because that is what your future spouse fell in love with.

4) As 4th of July approaches, what memories have you decided you want to create? Now is the time to create your own tradition and memories centered around this holiday. Every year we look forward to going to the community park and watching the fireworks with the kids. At the same time, we can also see firework shows for four nearby cities. It makes it a lot of fun not having to be in the race for a good parking space.

Share with us, what are you and your fiance' planning?

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